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What is the innovative gameplay of warped wall

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Ninja Warrior Course is a game project that challenges balance, strength and agility in all aspects. It combines elements of running, jumping, climbing and balance to create an interesting adventure experience and at the same time exercise physical fitness. Players will feel the great pleasure and sense of accomplishment brought by success after successfully breaking through.

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And the audience of this game project is also very wide, and they are very suitable for children, adult men and women. Therefore, many keen investors will quickly integrate resources to build their own ninja gym. In addition to the necessary infrastructure, investors also need to consider what obstacles will make the ninja gym attractive. The Warped wall is an obstacle that every investor will consider and choose because it looks very challenging and can inspire the desire of challengers to win and lose. Whenever people see this obstacle, they will have the desire to challenge. Often when a product becomes hot, it becomes a popular choice, and then it becomes very common. So how should an investor make Warped wall stand out from the crowd?

Therefore, our designers innovated the wall design. In the past, the old design of the wall was curved. Now we added a smooth slope perpendicular to the ground on the left side of the warped wall, and added a climbing rope to it for assistance. You may have some questions in your heart when you see here: Why design a landslide? Is the landslide an innovation? Look down and you will get the answer!

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Our philosophy: the warped wall is attractive enough to make people stop. For the safety of the challenger, a wall can only be played by one person, and there are many other people who want to play, what should we do? At this time, they can go to the slope on the left to play. First, it can reduce the crowds. Second, the difficulty of the landslide is lower than that of the warped wall on the right. They can also use ropes to climb, which has a wider audience. It can also be used for warming up, using short-term low-intensity movements to move the muscle groups that will be used during the upcoming exercise first, so that the body can gradually adapt to the upcoming more intense exercise, to reduce the occurrence of sports injuries.

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