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How to Make a Good Indoor Playground

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With the expanding demand of children’s consumer market, the global children’s playground industry is developing rapidly at this stage. And indoor playground, as a traditional park project in the field of children’s park industry, because of its low risk, better control, fast income and other good features, it is becoming very popular among investors. Hence opening an indoor playground becomes a lot of investors choose. The question is: How to make a good indoor playground project? Is there any risk about opening an indoor playground?

We’ll share related business opinions and insights to help you open your own indoor playground.

Who should start indoor playground?

Whether you manage a school, museum, store, restaurant, garden, cottage, nursery, family entertainment center, church, supermarket, and any play area. Adding an indoor playground or amusement facility will attract families and help your business grow.

Topkidsplay, as a leading manufacturer in this field, we can supply customized indoor playground with one-stop service including free-design, production, shipping and installation. Recently we are working with a large indoor playground in the UK, they already have trampoline parks and inflatables facilities. And they were also looking for our indoor playground (soft play cages, they said). First of all, they informed us of the dimensions of each part of their site, as shown in the picture below.

Image 1

We confirmed the colors and theme, entrance location, age range, budget and so on with them. After several drawings, the following design was confirmed by them.

Image 2
Image 5

Our engineers understand that the United Kingdom has additional requirements for the indoor playground, in order to meet the requirements, we placed 6mm wood chips under the ground floor of the indoor playground, and then put 5cm thickness density 95KG/cube recycled cotton, and then added PVC skin above. For all the platforms, we used 5cm recycled cotton. All materials are flame retardant for security concerns.

This case shows that making a good indoor playground cannot be divorced from good communication with clients, but also our professional knowledge in this field.

In addition, we will proactively inform our clients the risks involved and help them avoid them. The following points should be especially focused on:

  1. The Selection of Site Location
  2. The Size of the Indoor Playground
  3. Market Features

1. The Selection of Site Location

It goes without saying that selecting a good place is very important. Generally speaking, if the location is good, and then the cost of investment will return fast; if the location is bad, and then cost of investment will return slowly, and may even face closure. We generally recommend the following places, such as: comprehensive shopping malls, supermarket-type shopping malls, new malls, and mature communities, township lots with high traffic, large squares or parks.

2. The Size of the Indoor Playground

The area of the indoor playground directly affects the configuration of the play equipment. Some indoor playground requires a large footprint, if the footprint is small, it cannot accommodate. However, for small indoor playground equipment, the investment will be small, and the price is usually relatively low. The area of the indoor playground can be large or small. There is many optional equipment. The size of the area will affect the choice of equipment, therefore, when considering making an indoor playground, we may need to take into account the matching of equipment and site area, not too big or too small.

Market Features

Investment in children’s indoor playground should be based on the market. On the other hand, the target users will influence our choice of equipment and games. For example, the main target users of your indoor playground is 1-8 year old children, then you we need to take into account the behavioral characteristics of 1-8year-old children. Games that are too difficult are not suitable for this age. Therefore, it also affects the investment plan for the indoor playground.

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