2023 TOPKIDSPLAY in DEAL Exhibition

Topkidsplay, a leading provider of large-scale amusement equipment, is excited to participate in the upcoming Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition from March 14-16, 2023. This will mark our fifth consecutive year at the event, and we are thrilled to showcase our latest designs and innovations. Our booth, located at number 1-A29, will feature a […]

New Chinese Rabbit Year 

The Chinese year of the rabbit has started & the rabbit is a traditional symbol of Chinese culture. And the Chinese year of the rabbit means beauty, quietness, elegance, and mercy, and Chinese believe it brings prosperity and good luck. The year of Rabbit is the peaceful year and it is the luckiest animal out […]

Finding The Perfect Settlement for Your Commercial Trampoline Park Equipment

Trampolines are a popular recreational activity for both children and adults. Running a trampoline park business can be rewarding and profitable as the indoor park market continues to grow. However, finding the perfect location is key to the efficient operation of your trampoline park as it gives your business visibility and customer attraction. This article […]

Are you ready for Christmas?

A kind Santa Claus, cute moose, Christmas wreath, a green Christmas tree with colorful bells and all kinds of small gifts …… A strong Christmas holiday atmosphere is coming! Are you ready to spend a happy Christmas? Are you ready for Christmas? Will you spend it with your friends or family? Each country celebrates differently, […]

Best Things About Opening an Indoor Playground Center

Deciding to open an indoor playground center is a daunting process. From choosing the ideal location to selecting the best manufacturer, these are just some of the numerous phases an entrepreneur should always put into consideration. Planning on taking the step to start an indoor playground center? This article is your cue to start. Tag […]

Thanksgiving Day

Winter had come, and one of the most favorite American festivals is also coming. That’s Thanksgiving. Americans go to church to pray according to customs, makeup parades, and sports competitions are organized everywhere. Besides, they would hold a party with family or friends to spend the festive season at home or amusement park, or a trampoline […]

IAAPA EXPO 2022 In Orlando

The 2022 IAAPA Expo, which is going to be held from 15 to 18 November, is a great exhibition for the attractions & amusement industry. It’s where you can learn about today’s most exciting trends, find out how to increase your audience, grow your revenue, and deliver the cutting-edge entertainment that guests want today. Attractions […]

7 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Trampoline Park Location

When you want to open a trampoline park, you need to make a lot of plans ahead of time. You should know that some important things come up in every project that every entrepreneur needs to deal with well before the project starts. As with many other types of businesses, a good location is a […]

Father’s Day 2022

figure 1 fathers day 2022

As the month of June approaches, don’t forget about Father’s Day. Celebration for father’s day might start from the day of his birth. For Father’s Day, you can present him a special breakfast or breakfast including his favorite foods or even surprise him with an innovative idea of mail-order meat delivery so he can easily […]

The World’s 10 Best Trampoline Parks

figure 1 trampolining benefits

Trampoline park is one of the hottest trends when it comes to recreation either with family, friends, colleagues, and classmates. It has become a go-to venue for fun, sports, excitement, and exercise as well. Trampolining benefits Aside from the amusing fact and fun environment trampoline park offers, it also gives a lot of benefits for […]