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Now you can bring your imagination to reality. Our unique custom designs will work in close conjunction with you every step of the way to understand your vision and bring it to reality. 

Our experienced, passionate team of custom playground equipment makers will respond to your individual needs – we offer a wide range of flexible designs that can easily be tailored to meet your demands and preferences. If you have particularly strong design ideas, we can work with you to create special unique custom design.

Why Topkidsplay

Factory Direct Sale

As a manufacturer, TOPKIDSPLAY knows what works and how to design an indoor park for optimum operational efficiency and profits.

When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re not dealing with a trading company. This help you avoid the headaches and increased prices of buying from a middleman and enjoy the reliability and lower cost of buying directly from the manufacturer.

High Quality

Using only the finest materials and following strict manufacturing standards, TOPKIDSPLAY only sells safe, durable, and well-designed indoor playgrounds. The focus has consistently remained on the highest quality standards as well as consumer and customer satisfaction.

TOPKIDSPLAY guarantee the equipment endurance and lifespan. Rigorous testing in the quality assurance ensures these high expectations are always met.

Safety Standard

Nothing is more important than the kids safety. Ensuring kids playing safely is our most important responsibility.

Based on our GB/T 34272 regulations, the playgrounds we sell at TOPKIDSPLAY  are complied with EN 1176 in Europe, ASTM F1487 in USA, CAN CSA Z614 in Canada, AS 4685 in Australia, NZS 5828 in New Zealand…These safety standards serve as guidelines for our TOPKIDSPLAY design and manufacturing protocols.

Custom Design

At TOPKIDSPLAY, we can bring your idea to reality. 

When you browse through our catalogue, you might fall in love with a design and it’s exactly what you had in mind. Or you might be crazy about the look, but it’s not quite right for your needs. Our custom design can be tailored exactly for you. Our experienced design team will help you create a truly personal playground design to match your interested colors, specific elements and budget. 

Competitive Price

As a manufacturer, we have the capability to significantly undercut prices especially we TOPKIDSPLAY is located at the “Toy Town” in China, which provides the foundation for our highly efficient and low cost manufacturing power. These contributes to China’s manufacturing competitive advantage.

TOPKIDSPLAY always develops new technology and improves manufacturing process to reduce costs, and then passes these cost savings to our customers. 

Overseas Installation

TOPKISPLAY can provide a variety of resources to help the installation process easier including detailed instructions, reference videos and photos.

Also we have experienced overseas engineers who can speak some English to help your installation. They can verify that every playground equipment installation is done correctly and fast with special attention. You will be stress-free and confident that children are playing on a safe playground!

As a manufacturer, TOPKIDSPLAY knows what works and how to design indoor playsets for optimum operational efficiency and profits. We have succeeded by building dynamic indoor playgrounds that meet and exceed customer’s expectations. 

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