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Custom Free Design Business Used Soft Modular Playground with Toddler Soft Playground

Use imported soft bag special leather, environmentally friendly and durable. Its rich colors cultivate children’s cognitive ability of colors. The inner core is made of high-density sponge, and the rounded corners are designed to protect children from injury during playing.


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20.7*20.7ft (6.3*6.3m)


8.2ft. (2.5m)


420sq.ft (39SQM)

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It is a playground suitable for children to play, with a candy theme as the design concept. The overall color is bright and reasonable, giving people a comfortable feeling. In terms of the appearance of the equipment, cartoon animals and colorful candies are used as decorations, which are deeply loved by children. This candy-themed toddler area is suitable for various indoor and outdoor venues such as playgrounds, squares, parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, residential quarters, etc. The area is small, with a length of 6.25m, a width of 6.25m, and a height of 2.5 m, can accommodate 15 people for fun. This playground is beautiful in appearance, novel in style, sturdy and durable, and is well received and praised by customers.

The design of this amusement device fully meets the children’s play characteristics and growth needs. Whenever the children have fun in the toddler area, we are very happy. The purpose of our company is to allow children to develop their intelligence and exercise their bodies while enjoying the fun of childhood.

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