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Toddlers Play Colorful Theme Customized Kids Round Playground

Use imported soft bag special leather, environmentally friendly and durable. Its rich colors cultivate children’s cognitive ability of colors. The inner core is made of high-density sponge, and the rounded corners are designed to protect children from injury during playing.

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Φ16.4ft (Φ5m)


9.8ft. (3m)


430.6sq.ft (40SQM)

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This is a circular area, the design area is 40SQM. The main colors used are yellow, brown and white. The overall shape is circular. Although the area is not very large, the internal amusement facilities are very rich, such as toy walls, ball pools, table games and various puzzle blocks, etc. Each product is designed with the palace series to fully attract children’s attention. With other bright colors, the whole naughty castle looks very bright.

The bottom of the playground is covered with a layer of soft mats of moderate thickness. It is made of special EVA material. The raw materials have passed international testing standards and will not cause harm to children. With multicolored colors, it is a very interesting product. The entire naughty castle, whether it is color matching or internal amusement facilities, is enough to attract children.

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