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Maze Playground
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How Do I Start an Indoor Playground Business

If you are looking to start an indoor playground franchise, here are the simple steps you need to take:
• Decide on the reason why you want to start the business
• Create an indoor playground business plan
• Make in-depth market researches
• Find a suitable location
• Design and plan your indoor playground business
• Budget
• Get the relevant business licenses
• Acquire and install important indoor playground equipment
• Advertise what you do
• Scale your indoor playground franchise

Outdoor Play
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What Are the Benefits of Indoor Play

Indoor playgrounds are a great way to ensure your kids are exercising. These parks are also a perfect place for children to socialize and make friends. And the best part is that indoor playgrounds are safe and suitable for even rainy winter days.

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How to make FEC business survives during COVID-19

Like most family owned business, people are using their own money/capital to make their business running. When facing such kind of economy disaster, we’re too weak to win the battle because we’re not a big franchise business.

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How to Make a Good Indoor Playground

With the expanding demand of children’s consumer market, the global children’s playground industry is developing rapidly at this stage. And indoor playground, as a traditional park project in the field of children’s park industry, because of its low risk, better control, fast income and other good features, it is becoming very popular among investors. Hence opening an indoor playground becomes a lot of investors choose. The question is: How to make a good indoor playground project? Is there any risk about opening an indoor playground?

Warped Wall
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What is the innovative gameplay of warped wall

Ninja Warrior Course is a game project that challenges balance, strength and agility in all aspects. It combines elements of running, jumping, climbing and balance to create an interesting adventure experience and at the same time exercise physical fitness. Players will feel the great pleasure and sense of accomplishment brought by success after successfully breaking through.

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