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We are a bespoke custom indoor playground manufacturer backed by a rich experience. Our expertise lies in almost everything related to custom indoor playgrounds.

  • We deliver comprehensive services, including designing, production, shipping, and installation.
  • Our professional team has successfully delivered 100 projects so far across the world.
  • You get lifetime maintenance for each of our installations.
  • Get access to several themes for indoor playgrounds.

Get A Custom Design

Quality-tested and Safe Indoor Playground Equipment

Our prime concern at TOPKIDSPLAY is optimum quality products. We ensure that all of the materials and products are safe and well-designed. 

We keep a tap on various industry standards for building any indoor playground. These guiding standards include TUV, GS-EN1176, CE for Europe and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 for North America

Our Stunning Custom Indoor Playground Themes!

Here are some cool indoor playground themes that you can get made!

Jungle Theme

With this neutral-colored theme, you can provide the kids with an experience of the Lion King movie. The primary colors that rule this theme are green, brown, and yellow. It can make your indoor custom playground way better. For the Jungle theme, we have various choices for you. Check them here!

ninja theme playground

Ninja Theme

Let the young minds learn how to master their bodies. The Ninja theme playground is ideal for kids who are enthusiastic about overcoming obstacles. We produce custom Ninja playgrounds based on the best color combination, usually brown, yellow, and green.

candy theme playground

Candy Theme

Get the candy theme indoor playground to offer a sweet and relaxed playing experience to the little munchkins. The color used in this theme is soft on the eyes, and we also include lollipops, candies, chocolates, etc., to make it better.

circus theme playground

Circus Theme

Order for a circus theme playground to make kids a center of attraction. You can get loops, nets, and even trampolines to let kids perform safe stunts in it. The circus custom indoor playground theme can have red, green, lemon, and other eye-catching colors.

ocean theme playground

Ocean Theme

Build an ocean without any water with the ocean theme. To provide the kids an ocean-like feeling, we will add various water elements like fish, grass, and other marine animals. The primary color in this theme is blue, and you get three choices!

pirate ship theme

Pirate ship Theme

The pirate theme is unique and goes perfectly with the ocean theme. If you opt for an ocean theme playground, including a pirate ship theme will be a great choice. We can integrate different pirate ship characters to draw kids’ attention. You can get a pirate ship theme in various models!

space theme playground

Space Theme

To let kids have a feel of the space, let them explore various space-themed custom indoor playgrounds. This theme has black, white, and yellow as the primary colors, and we can add space aspects like spaceships, rockets, airplanes, and much more to make it attractive.

custom indoor playground

Custom Theme

TOPKIDSPLAY is not just limited to the described custom indoor playground themes. If you have any other ideas like a superhero theme, party theme, city theme, castle theme, or others, you can let us know. We will probably produce that for you.

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What Makes Us Unique ?

Factory Prices

Our past experiences have taught us many things; one of them is how to work efficiently. When you opt for our custom indoor playground services, you directly talk to us and not to any middleman or broker.

So, you can put your mind at ease as you are paying the right price for the equipment. We charge you just the factory price, which is lower than what you might get in the market.

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Your Vision, Our Design

At TOPKIDSPLAY, you can get any design made. We can realize almost 90% or more of your design without any issue. We understand that our pre-included themes may not be everyone’s choice. So, we offer you the facility to get your vision realized.

No matter what type of toys or structures you need or what color combinations you prefer, our team of experts can seamlessly bring your vision to life within your budget.

End to End Compliance of Safety standards

Kids tend to be naughty, and your equipment can break! But, if you choose TOPKIDSPLAY, it will be less likely. TOPKIDSPLAY ensures that the quality of materials and final custom indoor playground is off the charts. That is why they choose materials that entirely comply with all the safety standards. Our raw materials and produced equipment entirely comply with safety standards like TUV, GS-EN1176, CE for Europe and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 for North America.

safety standard 1

Quality is our Responsibility!

guaranteed quality​

Quality Control

As we are well-versed with the safety standards of every country, we ensure that all of our products follow the required safety standards. Whether it is production, design, or installation, our processes are as per the standards. On top of this, we also cater to you with an over one-year product warranty, lifetime after-sales services, and technical support. Thus, making us best of all. Keep in mind that the warranty of each part is different.

qc team​

Professional QC team

Our professional-quality control team makes sure that no raw material or product is bad. When the product is made and is ready to be shipped, it is checked and confirmed thrice by the QC team for quality. Also, when raw material is fetched from the suppliers, it is double-checked for quality and then stored. We also keep a timely check on the raw material for any damage over time.


high quality​

Pristine Quality

One of the most crucial things that anyone would like to have in a product is quality. And we at TOPKIDSPLAY understand that. Therefore, we use top-end equipment and material to produce the custom indoor playground and its elements.

Our products follow the required safety standards, and third-party labs approved by the US test them. Our quality-tested products possess the required durability and longevity. This means that our products are fit for long-term use without any physical damage. Thus, providing the customers with a better playing experience.

project map

Rich Professional Experience

We don’t speak for ourselves, but our experience does. TOPKIDSPLAY has garnered countless clients in its tenure so far and successfully completed and delivered 100 projects. These projects were top-notch and were delivered across 40 countries across the globe. Some of the countries where our custom indoor playground projects rocked are the US, Canada, Chile, Bolivia, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Poland, etc.

We are also tied up with the right brands worldwide, like Funspot, Big Air, Jumping World, and more!

competitive price

Competitive Pricing

The best perk of choosing TOPKIDSPLAY is the pricing. We do not recruit any third party to perform any testing or anything else. Our factory in China has some of the best and most advanced machines to streamline the entire process. The perfect blend of powerful technology and advanced machines makes the process more efficient and saves money. We pass every saved penny further to the customers.

Indoor playgrounds are not mechanized, more or need manual labor. We have to test our materials and equipment to meet the safety standards.

overseas installation

Experienced installation staff

Our performance is always off the charts. The chief parameter that distinguishes our performance from the others is our customer experience. We know that installation can be hard. So, we send our professional team for help.

Our team has the required tools and skills to set up the entire custom indoor playground quickly. Some of our clients even install the equipment themselves. The cool thing is that you will not face any issues while communicating with them. All of our team members have a basic knowledge of English.

easy communicate

Effective communication

We are aware that communication can be a big impediment to worldwide service. Therefore, we have prepared our team for almost everything, both offshore and on location. Our members have basic English communication skills, and all of our sales and support executives are available 24×7 for you. You can get in touch with us one on one via phone, video call, or Whatsapp.

your turnkey solution partner​

Your one-stop service provider

No matter if you want to get new toys, new slides, or anything else related to your custom indoor playground, you can count on TOPKIDSPLAY. We can help you get your custom indoor playground anywhere in the world with optimum quality. On top of this, if you want to get other additional elements like gifts, party supplies, etc., we can fetch those for you too.

The Basic Knowledge about Indoor Playground Equipment

How to Make a Good Indoor Playground

With the expanding demand of children’s consumer market, the global children’s playground industry is developing rapidly at this stage. And indoor playground, as a traditional park project in the field of children’s park industry, because of its low risk, better control, fast income and other good features, it is becoming very popular among investors. Hence opening an indoor playground becomes a lot of investors choose. The question is: How to make a good indoor playground project? Is there any risk about opening an indoor playground?

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How Do I Start an Indoor Playground Business

1. Decide on the reason why you want to start the business
2. Create an indoor playground business plan
3. Make in-depth market researches
4. Find a suitable location
5. Design and plan your indoor playground business
6. Budget
7. Get the relevant business licenses
8. Acquire and install important indoor playground equipment
9. Advertise what you do
10. Scale your indoor playground franchise

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How Much Does it Cost to Start an Indoor Playground

Generally, the costs of starting an indoor playground depend on a few factors. However, the costs could largely vary from $8000 to $70,000 due to the size of the playground, especially if it’s a commercial play space. If, on the other hand, it’s private, the cost might most times be considerably low, and some of the costs factored in this article will not be necessary. Regardless, starting an indoor playground involves many times, and the cost is just a tiny part. So, with the right mindset, idea, and a couple of thousand bucks, you are sure good to go. 

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How to make Family Entertainment Center survives during COVID-19

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What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Indoor Playground

Custom indoor playgrounds are designed to give you and your kids the utmost convenience and satisfaction. There are a variety of themes you can select from to depict your taste and style, either for home or commercial use. Reach out to us at to professionally equip your unused space with the best customized indoor playground that your kids will love.

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Material we use

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are not many factors that affect the overall cost of a custom indoor playground. Type of toys, number of toys, the area of the playground, location, shipping cost, add-on equipment, and many other factors affect the price of the custom indoor playground. Depending on these factors, it may cost you from $5,000 to over $1 million. Our sales team will provide a price reference based on the size you need.

The standard height for a layer is 1.4m. We suggest you make it no greater than 5 layers, and the lowest height should not be less than 2.5m.

The kids’ age in an indoor playground can be from 1-15 years. However, you have to divide the area based on their age group. Kids from 0-3 years should be in the toddler area, and 3-15 years should be in the main function area.

As the installation part is more concerning for the clients, our professional engineers and designers ensure that every sketch or drawing is perfect and to the point. Once you are satisfied with the sketch or design, then only we begin construction.

There is no limit to the area of a custom indoor playground. You just need to tell us your requirements, and we can make it work for you.

Based on the theme, we have mentioned everything in the sections above. Other than that, we have access to almost every type of indoor playground equipment. You can get trampolines, custom t-shirts, toddler trampolines, skywalker trampoline, and more! Just name it!

The only thing that matters in terms of time is the playground area. So, it can take around 1-2 days for the designing process.

The size of your order influences our production time. However, it takes us around 15-25 days to complete the production process.

We take 30% as an initial deposit. The balance amount can be paid before the order is loaded for shipping.

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