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Various Play Games Indoor Soft Playground with Kids Toddler Theme Indoor Playground

Use imported soft bag special leather, environmentally friendly and durable. Its rich colors cultivate children’s cognitive ability of colors. The inner core is made of high-density sponge, and the rounded corners are designed to protect children from injury during playing.

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26.2*26.2ft (8*8m)


13.1ft. (4m)


689sq.ft (64SQM)

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This is a green themed toddler playground suitable for children. The overall color is fresh and bright, and the shape is vivid, which can attract children’s attention in the first time. The internal equipment is relatively rich, which fully caters to the children’s love of play and movement, so that more children are willing to join it.

Children like bright colors, which prompts them to like it at first sight. If you buy our equipment, the operator can also change the internal changes according to their own needs, and we will strive to make all customers satisfied.


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