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Commercial Small Kids Soft Toddler Balls Playground

Use imported soft bag special leather, environmentally friendly and durable. Its rich colors cultivate children’s cognitive ability of colors. The inner core is made of high-density sponge, and the rounded corners are designed to protect children from injury during playing.

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16*12.5ft (5*3.8m)


8.2ft. (2.5m)


204.5sq.ft (19SQM)

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Each product is placed separately in the toddler area. There are diversified choices in terms of color and gameplay. For children aged 0-3, it is a children’s toy with an educational and early education nature. The products in this area are wrapped with soft sponge, and the outermost layer is wrapped with colorful patterned soft leather, which can protect children from harm.

The main body of this product is soft play and ball pool. The products are relatively smooth, the materials are all high-quality, and some are imported materials. All the edges, corners and edges are polished, and the outside is repackaged with soft products. Enhance product safety. Do not collide with hard objects during use, and do not use sharp knives and other objects to deliberately destroy it.

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