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TOPKIDSPLAY provides you with quality playground equipment derived from the best materials and complies with stipulated production and distribution standards. TOPKIDSPLAY offers our clients safe, durable, and uniquely designed indoor playgrounds.

Our indoor playset is sold in compliance with TUV, GS_EN1176, CE for Europe and CPSIA, ASTM, UL94, NFPA701 for North America. These standards are the models we follow for our design manufacturing.

TOPKIDSPLAY Indoor Playsets Themes

jungle indoor playground

Jungle Theme Playsets

Jungle theme playground is one of the most regularly designed playsets having classic green, yellow, brown, and other neutral colors. Jungle theme playsets are designed with soft structures and game equipment for safety when they fall or are jumping. They help enhance kids’ physical development, flexibility, and motor skills.

ninja playground

Ninja Theme Playsets

The ninja theme indoor playset builds kids’ strength and stamina with challenging ninja obstacles. It’s another commonly used design with classic colors such as black and red. The shape of the playground is monster-like and serves as a great attraction to children.


Candy Theme Playsets

Candy theme playground uses exciting colors such as pink as the primary color to look sweet. We include characters like candies, chocolate, lollipops, biscuits, etc., in the design. Other elements included in candy themes are windmills, oreo, ice cream, and dessert models.

circus indoor playground

Circus Theme Playsets

Circus theme playground is a multi-level area with various amusement facilities such as a ball pool, theme tunnel, rainbow roller, etc. Circus themed playset provides numerous amusement elements for kids while also incorporating the characteristics of early childhood. This enables kids to develop creativity, growth, and intelligence.

ocean theme indoor playground

City Theme Playsets

City-themed playgrounds are designed to reflect a particular city of your choice and the everyday sights your kids see as they go about the city. It varies according to the client’s choice. City-themed playground consists of the bus playground, trampoline, zip line, wipe out, etc. we also include soft games inside such as floating ball, tunnel slide, giant pendulum, and many more.

pirate ship playground

Ocean Theme Playsets

An Ocean-themed playground makes you feel like you are in the sea with its blue design. We add sea characters like fish, seagrass, and other marine animals to fill the design.

space indoor playground

Pirate Ship Themed Playsets

The Pirate Ship-themed playground goes along with an ocean theme. We incorporate many pirate ship characters to attract and excite kids to play in the pirate ship and sea.

custom indoor playground

Space Theme Playsets

The space theme playground uses black, yellow, and white as the primary colors. We include space characters such as rocket airplanes to complement the design.

ocean theme indoor playground

Snow Themed Playsets

Snow-themed playgrounds are very seasonal, and it conjures up every fun attraction kids can enjoy during the winter seasons. It’s a complete amusement indoor playset for kids who love to jump, swing, drill, climb, slide, and roll.

pirate ship playground

Castle Theme Playsets

The castle theme playsets are designed to look like a royal castle, and kids can take pride in having fun as a prince or princess in the castle. Castle themes are usually designed to have two floors and provide an excellent climbing experience for children.

space indoor playground

Custom Theme Playsets

Custom theme playgrounds are designed to reflect your style or brand, and they are designed to incorporate characters of your choice.

custom indoor playground

Space Theme Playsets

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Factory Direct Sale

As expert manufacturers of indoor playsets, TOPKIDSPLAY understands design formulars and applies them in designing an indoor playset that yields maximum efficiency and much profits.

Be rest assured that you’re not transacting with a trading company when you choose us. That is, you avoid the stress and rising prices of buying from an intermediary. Instead, you derive reliability and benefit from the reduced cost of purchasing directly from the producer.

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Customized Design

At TOPKIDSPLAY, we bring your ideas to life. When you take a peek at our products catalog, a design might spark your attention, and if it’s exactly what you want; or you might love the design but want it to look a particular way to suit your preference. Our customized design can be dressed to suit your needs.

Our team of experienced creative designers will help you create a unique playground design to include your special elements, colors, and budget.

Safety Standards We Adhere To

When selecting an indoor playset organization, see that the playground equipment you re purchasing is designed with the best materials and in adherence to indoor playgrounds safety standards.

Product safety and quality is our core priority at TOPKIDSPLAY. We manufacture indoor equipment using quality elements that meets or surpasses all European and North American standards.

We comply with CPSIA, ASTM, NFPA701, UL94 standards for North America and GS-EN1176, CE, TUV standards for Europe.

safety standard 1

Quality Control

guaranteed quality​

Guaranteed Quality

We are 100% familiar with every country and region established standards by undergoing related test reports. This enables us to follow relevant safety standards from design production to installation strictly.

In addition, we provide lifetime after-sales services, a one-year warranty, and permanent technical support.

qc team​

QC Team

Our professional-quality control team will run checks from raw materials to finished products to save more on third-party inspection fees.

Our quality inspection team will check the products more than thrice before loading. Also, the raw materials placed in the warehouse daily are marked qualified after inspection to eliminate quality problems from the source.


high quality​

High Quality

One of our emblems at TOPKIDSPLAY is quality, which means doing it right. Moreover, safety should be the recognizable priority of any business, and also quality playground equipment that meets all international safety standards is essential to business success.

TOPKIDSPLAY equipment is produced from the best materials and specifications to meet or surpass all required safety regulations. We carefully take note of details for a better play experience and durability. We use third-party testing labs approved by the U.S.

project map

Rich Experience

We have been intensely immersed in the playground industry for many years, building a good reputation along the way. We have completed over 100 projects worldwide and our playground, and our playground equipment is exported to more than 40 countries.

Also, we work with some famous brands globally, such as Big Air, Funspot, Jumping World, etc. Wealthy clients’ feedback videos or screenshots are provided for your reference.

competitive price

Competitive Price

As manufacturers, we can significantly reduce prices because rent isn’t included in our cost of production. Our company is also located in the industrial area of China Toy Town, which has laid the foundation for our high-efficiency and low-cost manufacturing capabilities due to external economies of scale.

overseas installation

Professional Installation Team

After many years in the playground business, we know that installation is a challenging process, and this is why we attach various resources to make the installation process more accessible. complete constructing instructions, step-by-step photos, and referencing videos are some of the resources we provide. We also have expert installers overseas. They communicate in standard and can help with your indoor playset installation.

easy communicate

Easy Communication

At TOPKIDSPLAY, we make communication easy and smooth by communicating in suitable languages for sales. Our salespersons are available online 24/7 for clients’ needs. We use WhatsApp, phone calls, and video calls to ease our clients’ communication process and answer any questions.

TOPKIDSPLAY genuinely provides one-to-one services and ensures we solve arising problems to make your purchase process smooth.

your turnkey solution partner​

Your Turnkey-Solution Partner

TOPKIDSPLAY provides a turnkey indoor playset solution for your business from design, production, shipping, and installation. We also include furniture, art and craft items, kiddies rides, inflatables, gifts, party supplies, etc.

TOPKIDSPLAY has established a resource archive to assist indoor playset customers every step of the way. This enables them to be adequately prepared to enter the business.

The Basic Knowledge about Indoor Playground Equipment

How to Make a Good Indoor Playground

With the expanding demand of children’s consumer market, the global children’s playground industry is developing rapidly at this stage. And indoor playground, as a traditional park project in the field of children’s park industry, because of its low risk, better control, fast income and other good features, it is becoming very popular among investors. Hence opening an indoor playground becomes a lot of investors choose. The question is: How to make a good indoor playground project? Is there any risk about opening an indoor playground?

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How Do I Start an Indoor Playground Business

1. Decide on the reason why you want to start the business
2. Create an indoor playground business plan
3. Make in-depth market researches
4. Find a suitable location
5. Design and plan your indoor playground business
6. Budget
7. Get the relevant business licenses
8. Acquire and install important indoor playground equipment
9. Advertise what you do
10. Scale your indoor playground franchise

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How Much Does it Cost to Start an Indoor Playground

Generally, the costs of starting an indoor playground depend on a few factors. However, the costs could largely vary from $8000 to $70,000 due to the size of the playground, especially if it’s a commercial play space. If, on the other hand, it’s private, the cost might most times be considerably low, and some of the costs factored in this article will not be necessary. Regardless, starting an indoor playground involves many times, and the cost is just a tiny part. So, with the right mindset, idea, and a couple of thousand bucks, you are sure good to go. 

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What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Indoor Playground

Custom indoor playgrounds are designed to give you and your kids the utmost convenience and satisfaction. There are a variety of themes you can select from to depict your taste and style, either for home or commercial use. Reach out to us at to professionally equip your unused space with the best customized indoor playground that your kids will love.

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Firstly, you need to contact our sales assistants and provide adequate information. Also, we will give you accurate design, pricing, and suggestions relating to your wants and budget.

If you have a place in mind, ensure you provide the photo CAD. After that, our marketing team will then assess the advantages you will derive according to the location, land expanse, population traffic, and other important factors.

Your budget is dependent on the location, sizes, and heights of the indoor playground you want. We offer different indoor playgrounds whose cost ranges from US$50,000 to US$500,000. Also, our team will customize your suitable design according to your size, location, and budget.

The standard layer height for an indoor playground is 1.4m/layer. Generally, we advise you to make it more than five layers, and the lowest height is no less than 2.5m.

To satisfy the demands of children of the different age gaps and consider safety, an indoor playset is grouped into two areas: the toddler section and the primary section.

The toddler section is best for 0-3 years old kids, and the primary area is best for children of 3-15 years

The installation of an indoor playset has proved challenging for our clients. With that being said, our engineers and designers have made tremendous efforts to revise and improve the installation drawings and match them with the installation videos. This will enable our clients to install the playground equipment easily and accordingly.

Also, if you need further consultations and assistance during installation, please contact us to guide you through.

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