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What Are the Benefits of Indoor Play

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Watching children play outside is not that common anymore for several reasons. The biggest cause is that, nowadays, kids spend a lot of time staring at a screen inside their homes. So, indoor playgrounds can keep your kids active and, in this post, we’ll discuss all their benefits!

Indoor playgrounds are a great way to ensure your kids are exercising. These parks are also a perfect place for children to socialize and make friends. And the best part is that indoor playgrounds are safe and suitable for even rainy winter days.

But what are the physical and psychological benefits of indoor playing for kids? Is it better than outdoor games? We have all the answers below!

The Main Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds for Kids

As we said before, indoor playing and playgrounds have many physical benefits. But there are also several positive psychological effects of this type of park.

Thus, we have divided all these pros into different groups. On the first one, we’ll be addressing the physical benefits of indoor play. Meanwhile, the second group will be about the psychological effects of these playgrounds.

There will also be a third group in this post about other benefits of indoor playing. So, without further notice, let’s get into it!

1. Physical Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds for Kids

Both indoor and outdoor play has benefits for kids that are vital in their development. Playing helps children to stay active, exercise and strengthens their physical health.

So, as you can imagine, it is crucial to make time for your kids to play.

To be specific, the benefits of both indoor and outdoor playing for children include:

  • Sharpening reflexes and movement control
  • Increasing cardio-vascular functions
  • Improving fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and balance
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Boosting bone-density
  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Preventing obesity and related issues like high cholesterol or diabetes
  • Improving lung functions

Likewise, a visit to an outdoor or indoor playground helps kids use all their energy safely. Thus, they’ll channel their stamina with new and old friends, coming home to rest. After all, playing can also improve your children’s sleep!

These energy spending playing sessions can also improve your kids’ appetite. So, if they don’t tend to eat that much, you may be in for a surprise if you only take them to a playground now and then.

Through climbing, jumping, and running, our little ones can become healthy teenagers. And, over time, these teenagers will grow to be tough adults!

So, even with your tight schedule and the kids’ homework, clear some space for playing. Trust us; you won’t regret it, especially seeing them so happy in the process.

2. Psychological Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds for Kids

Though the physical aspects may be more obvious, playing has many psychological benefits. For starters, through exercise, kids will be releasing more endorphins. And, in turn, these chemicals will make them happier.

Indoor playgrounds, in particular, have challenges for different age groups. And, when kids complete these challenges, they are also improving their self-esteem.

In chemical terms, facing “adversity” and succeeding releases dopamine. And this neurotransmitter can also make children happier. So, as you can see, even only a short time in the playground can make your kid smile!

Another significant benefit of playing is that it allows kids to make friends. As a result, children learn social skills and norms that they will need as they grow older. Also, to make a stranger your friend tends to be a satisfying and gratifying experience.

But that’s not all! Even if kids choose to play alone in a playground, they can still learn from observation. By looking at the way groups interact, they can understand social cues better too.

Besides, as we mentioned before, playing allows kids to release contained energy. So, after a playdate, children may be less anxious. If your son shows signs of irritability or stress, a visit to an indoor playground will come in handy.

Kids can channel any sort of repressed emotion in a healthy way by playing for a few hours.

3. Other Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds for Kids

So, now we’ve covered the physical and mental, or emotional benefits of playing. But there’s more!

Indoor playgrounds, in particular, are great because children can use them at any time. Whether it rains or snows outside, your kids can have fun in these parks and avoid getting sick. Your little ones will also be safe from the sun and its potential skin damage.

Indoor parks tend to be in areas that are not accessible to everyone. And, as a consequence, this type of playground is safer for you and your kids than a public space.

For example, let’s say you work at a company with an indoor playground. Only employees of the company like you and their kids will be able to use the space.

Thus, you will likely know most (or at least some) people in the playground. Likewise, private companies tend to hire security for these services. So, you can relax, your kids will be safe!

And, as if all the things we mentioned before were not enough, indoor playgrounds also offer a lot of variety. These parks can have it all, from ninja courses to trampolines, and gym equipment, to name only a few.

So, if you find it hard to keep your kids entertained, indoor playgrounds are ideal. This type of park is perfect for children who seek variety and adventure.


Indoor playing has many benefits for a kid’s physical, emotional and mental development.

By visiting indoor playgrounds often, children can also learn how to socialize.

So, buying an indoor playground for your house or company can help many kids, besides yours. Indoor play is a bonding experience that many children are not having that often anymore.

In a world full of devices and screens, these parks invite boys and girls to get to know each other for real. Indoor playgrounds allow kids to stay kids for longer.

Related Questions about Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor Play 1

Are Indoor Playgrounds Better than Outdoor Playgrounds?

The truth is, both outdoor and indoor playgrounds are necessary for kids.

In general, both of these types of playgrounds are crucial for a kid’s development.

Though you’d think it’s all physical, both playgrounds have many mental benefits too.

That said, indoor playgrounds are safer and don’t depend on the weather conditions. Even if it’s raining, you could still take your little ones to one of these parks.

But, if your kid’s been lacking some fresh air and vitamin D, you could go to the nearest outdoor playground. But, please, make sure to keep an eye on your children at all times.

The best approach is to mix both indoor and outdoor play to offer a complete experience to children. Likewise, they’ll be more interested and engage more if there’s a sense of variety.

Are Indoor Playgrounds Suitable for all Ages?

Yes, there are several types of indoor playgrounds for different ages and heights.

For example, there are ninja warrior courses suitable for large children AND adults. So, you can join in on the fun and bond with your kids!

Yet, some types of indoor playgrounds can support children of different ages or sizes. This type of park can mix elements for teenagers and little kids.

So, almost anyone can jump on an indoor playground. You can even turn these playing sessions into a family event. In the end, you may be closer than you already were!

What Kind of Activities Fall into the Indoor Playing Category?

You could think any physical activity equals indoor playing, but that’s not the case.

While it’s fun to hide and seek, it doesn’t have the same physical benefits as an obstacle course, for example. An indoor park’s design will keep your kids active for longer!

Also, indoor playgrounds present challenges that help children get creative. Kids have to keep in mind the rules and goals to come with a solution and win. By the end of the playing session, boys and girls will feel more empowered.

So, playing board games in the comfort of their own home is not the same as visiting an indoor playground for kids.

And no, videogames, computers, and smartphones do not count as indoor play!

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