7 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Trampoline Park Location

When you want to open a trampoline park, you need to make a lot of plans ahead of time. You should know that some important things come up in every project that every entrepreneur needs to deal with well before the project starts. As with many other types of businesses, a good location is a […]

The World’s 10 Best Trampoline Parks

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Trampoline park is one of the hottest trends when it comes to recreation either with family, friends, colleagues, and classmates. It has become a go-to venue for fun, sports, excitement, and exercise as well. Trampolining benefits Aside from the amusing fact and fun environment trampoline park offers, it also gives a lot of benefits for […]

What are the Benefits of Obstacle Course?

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As the play industry continues to boom, so with the obstacle courses. This has become a trend in numerous countries across the world with adults and children embracing it. This article will go further and list the major benefits of obstacle courses. To learn of those benefits, please keep on reading. Brief History Obstacle courses […]

Does Jumping on a Trampoline Burn Calories?

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Trampolining is a sport that involves jumping on a trampoline. A trampoline is comprised of a strong fabric stretched between a steel frame with several coiled springs. This device allows a user to bounce or rebound from a trampoline by tumbling into the air. A trampoline is not only a fun device, but it also […]

How to Keep Your Indoor Play Area Equipment Clean

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Indoor playgrounds are a safe haven for children of all ages. They are the best places for kids to unleash their imaginative side. With so much room, they can be as creative with different playground equipment like ball pits or magic slides. However, play area equipment can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and […]

What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Indoor Playground

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Custom indoor playgrounds are designed to give you and your kids the utmost convenience and satisfaction. There are a variety of themes you can select from to depict your taste and style, either for home or commercial use. Reach out to us at www.topkidsplay.com to professionally equip your unused space with the best customized indoor playground that your kids will love.

How to make Family Entertainment Center survives during COVID-19

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Knowing how to keep your FEC business afloat during COVID-19 may help you improve your company’s overall growth. For this reason, promoting careful disinfection of the building, advertising your initiative online, disassembling your equipment while the facility is locked down, and soliciting financial support are all critical to ensuring the success of your company’s development throughout the outbreak.

How to Maintain Your Indoor Playground Equipment


Regular maintenance of your indoor playground equipment helps to ensure that the equipment is functioning at optimum efficiency all the time. In the long run, the cost of preservation is way lower than the cost you would incur in the event of a significant breakdown. The equipment will not be in use at such a […]

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Indoor Playground

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Generally, the costs of starting an indoor playground depend on a few factors. However, the costs could largely vary from $8000 to $70,000 due to the size of the playground, especially if it’s a commercial play space. If, on the other hand, it’s private, the cost might most times be considerably low, and some of the costs factored in this article will not be necessary. Regardless, starting an indoor playground involves many times, and the cost is just a tiny part. So, with the right mindset, idea, and a couple of thousand bucks, you are sure good to go.