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What activities are there in a trampoline park

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With the popularity of this sport all over the world, people of all ages are glad to go to have the fun of jumping.  Meanwhile, more and more investors become interested in starting such business—- to set up a commercial trampoline park.

If you are an investor and want to invest in a commercial trampoline park, then you will definitely consider a question. What are the different activities in the trampoline? Here, based on our experience, I will give you details about the trampoline park activities.

What are the most common activities in a trampoline park?

  1. Free Jump Zone

Usually it’s the main part of a trampoline park, customers can jump freely there.

Image 9

2. Dodgeball Zone

A team sport which 8~10 players on two teams try to throw balls and hit on the opponents.

Image 10

3. Slam Dunk Zone

You can slam like Jordan here without wearing Air Jordan.

Image 11

4. Wall Walking

You will experience the feeling of getting rid of gravity, walking on the vertical wall.

Image 12

5. Foam Pit

Normally there is climbing wall inside the pit, so customers can climb and jump into the pit from the climbing wall.

Image 13

What new/latest trampoline activities do we offer?

  1. Wipe Out

 Watch out the whirling logs, your mission is to be last person standing in this fun and exciting competition.

Image 14

2. Cardio Wall

A game for two, the one who hits the lights in shorter time is the winner.

Image 15

3. Interactive Jumping

Imagine you become super Mario in the video game, Every time you jump will determine the fate of Mario.

Image 16

4. Interactive Wall Climbing

Turn the climbing wall into a large touchscreen, then you can have fun climbing video game. There are several different options, levels, for 1 ~ 2 players.

Image 17

For more information about trampoline activities, just contact us.

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