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Does Jumping on a Trampoline Burn Calories?

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Trampolining is a sport that involves jumping on a trampoline.

A trampoline is comprised of a strong fabric stretched between a steel frame with several coiled springs. This device allows a user to bounce or rebound from a trampoline by tumbling into the air.

A trampoline is not only a fun device, but it also has a lot of benefits to the human body such as allowing the body to substantially burn calories and lose weight.

In this article, you will learn a lot about trampoline and trampolining, the benefits you’ll get, and how you can maximize this device in your weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey.

You’ll want one at the conclusion of this entertaining read.

Trampoline workout

While many people believe that trampolines are solely for kids to have fun on, they are also an excellent aid to lose weight providing numerous health benefits to the human body.

If you are into trying new and effective ways to lose weight, a trampoline workout is a good thing to consider for it is one of the most effective weight-loss devices with its low-impact forms of exercise.

With its moderate intensity, it has become a go-to exercise for people of all ages who love to venture for fun and more exciting ways to do a cardio workout with proven effective results on body weight.

By engaging in a trampoline workout even for a short time, you are helping your body stay fit, active, and coordinated. It is a good way to condition your muscles and cardiovascular system to be given the proper energy expenditure, as it increases the body’s metabolic rate.

Whether you are jumping on a huge trampoline, utilizing a mini-trampoline at home, or jumping from a trampoline park, the health benefits you can get are undeniably numerous.

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12 Benefits of Trampolining

Who would have imagined that a simple device thought to be just for fun could give wonders to a lot of individuals originally unaware?

Inclusion for this article is information about trampoline burn and its significance to an individual.

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Listed below are the 12 most important benefits of trampolining:

  1. They can burn your unwanted fat in a short amount of time.
  2. Trampolining supports good cell, muscle, and bone development.
  3. In comparison to other workouts such as aerobics, swimming, running, and jogging, trampolining is thought to be more beneficial.
  4. Trampolining helps improve balance while helping the body to have fun and gain more energy.
  5. You’ll get rid of your extra time and money of going into a fitness gym, having a fitness trainer, or even acquiring a yoga teacher if you are into trampolining.
  6. You can easily acquire it at home or in trampoline parks.
  7. A good activity to bond with children without realizing they’re burning calories the fun way.
  8. Trampolining helps in promoting blood circulation and boosting one’s metabolism.
  9. If you have health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes, trampoline exercises may be the best treatment option for it burn lots of unwanted fats and aids in normalizing heart rate.
  10. Trampoline exercise enables you to live a healthy lifestyle and healthy life.
  11. Trampoline burn gives low impact thus giving low risk to one’s body.
  12. It helps build strong bones while improving balance.

Physics in Trampolining

Everything we are seeing and feel is a product of physics. It’s all around us, and the trampoline is no exception.

You might know that trampolining is also known as low-cellular exercise. It means that your body needs two forms of energy to move around while jumping: potential and kinetic.

So, if you want to figure out how much potential energy you generate and provide to the springs, all you have to do is figure out how much labor you do.

figure 4 fitness class trampoline equipment

Consider these facts:

Kinetic – When you jump on a trampoline, your energy in kinetic goes up, and decreases. The moment you strike and maneuver the trampoline going down and depart on your way high, your kinetic energy is at its peak. When you achieve the highest of your jump and are on the trampoline, ready to bounce again, it’s zero.

One sort of energy that swings in parallel with kinetic energy is potential energy. The higher you jump off your trampoline mat, the lower your kinetic energy becomes.

To put it further, you slow down. As a result, your kinetic energy transforms into potential energy. As you fall, you’re acquiring speed and your energy in potential is transferred to kinetic energy.

Calories burned using a Trampoline

Everyone is different, with distinct physical types and ideals. When it comes to body size and the number of calories burnt each day, there are numerous things to consider.

Age, weight, height, degree of energy and intensity when exercising, sex, and even lifestyle are all factors.

When you are utilizing a trampoline on your cardio workouts, you should take into consideration how hard you work out, how persistent you are in jumping, and how many hours you spent doing such.

Your level of intensity is one great factor in how many calories you will burn while trampolining. The more stubborn calories you are burning, the more intensely you jump and work out. The more effort you exert on trampoline jumping, the more stubborn fat layers burned.

figure 5 trampoline burn calories

If you’re going to use a trampoline from trampoline parks, even a mini-trampoline at home, strive for a moderate to strenuous effort to burn the most calories in 10 minutes.

As per Mayo Clinic, your breathing will speed up moderately, but not make you out of breath; by the end of your ten-minute workout, you’ll most likely have broken out in a light sweat.

To be able to get an accurate monitor on your cardiovascular exercise and to track calorie burn, it is advisable to use a heart rate monitor while doing the exercise.

Calories burned in minutes

A 150-pound person can burn roughly 500 calories in under an hour or less than 60min with only a basic bounce as per Harvard Medical School.

Additionally, according to Harvard Health Publishing, a person’s weight is the determinant of between 50 to 73 calories burned over 100 to 148 calories in 10 minutes.  The greater weight you’re having, the greater calories you burn due to the increased exerted effort by the body.

How many calories can a trampoline workout burn in half an hour?

A 135-pound individual will burn roughly 145 calories during a 30-minute basic, low-intensity trampoline exercise session, a 150-pound person will burn 160 calories, and a 185-pound person would burn 200 calories according to Live Healthy.

Formula used to Calculate the Calories burned

While the number of calories burned varies depending on a variety of factors, the average individual burns 250-325 calories per hour while trampolining recreationally. The number of calories expended when trampolining will vary depending on your mass and the ferocity of your workout.

The Calories Burned Calculator’s equation is as follows:

Total calories burned = (MET 3.5 your mass in kg) / 200 = length of exercise in minutes.

The number of burned calories in your body is determined by how you exercise. You intensify your effort level by utilizing your time during the workout to its highest. The more muscle fibers you activate and the more effort you put in, the more energy it takes for your body to contract those muscles. You burn more calories as a result.

Charts Showing Calories Burned in Trampoline

To make it easier to check, you may refer to the charts below that shows the number of calories burned in trampolining.

Calories burned trampolining (recreational)

image 5

Calories burned trampolining (competitive level)

image 6


Trampolining, trampoline workout, or trampoline training whatever you call it has been proven to be an efficient technique of burning calories and improving heart health.

According to research conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a 20-minute trampoline workout can burn the same amount of calories as a 20-minute run at a speed of 10kph. This is because the g-force produced by bouncing helps to quickly develop muscle and burn fat.

If you are stuck and tired of doing the same activity, going to the same usual places like the gym, upgrading to a trampoline workout at home or from trampoline parks will be a good choice.

If you wanted to exercise your entire body, improve heart health, and blood circulation in just a short period, why not invest in trampolines?

No more setbacks, this is your cue! You may start to burn to jump on a trampoline.

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