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Happy Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, Carnations are known as the flower of Mother’s Day. First issued in May 1934 as a commemorative Mother’s Day stamp in the United States, the stamp shows a loving mother, hands in her lap, looking delightedly at a bouquet of bright, beautiful carnations in a vase in front of her. With the spread of stamps, the association of Mother’s Day with carnations in many people’s minds, carnations became the flower that symbolized mother’s love and was revered.

topkidsplay happy mothers day

So On Mother’s Day, mothers usually receive a special gift, a bouquet of carnations – considered as a flower dedicated to mothers, which means that I love you mother, and also expresses the gratitude of children to their mothers, hoping that they will be healthy and more beautiful.

Mother’s love is the greatest one in the world, it is like a classic tune, forever flowing in the hearts of children, for mother’s love, we have nothing to repay, only to better love our parents, in the modern busy days, usually busy with work and study, so in this special day of Mother’s Day, the best way for children to return is more Companionship, The family can go to the Topkidsplay together, Parents can chat with each other, children can play happily, enjoy a relaxing day, this is a good choice!

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