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7 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Trampoline Park Location

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When you want to open a trampoline park, you need to make a lot of plans ahead of time. You should know that some important things come up in every project that every entrepreneur needs to deal with well before the project starts.

As with many other types of businesses, a good location is a key part of running a successful trampoline park. The location has a big impact on how well known your trampoline park is and how many people will come to visit it. Let’s discuss 7 tips in detail you should consider while choosing a trampoline park location.

1. Observe The Current population In Your Desire Trampoline Park Location

The total population always matters as it is the most significant thing to consider when you are looking for a suitable place for a trampoline park location. Using the right criteria will have a big effect on how many people come to the park.

Operators with a lot of experience know that having as many people as possible near the park is a big plus. You should always keep your customers in mind. But the question is how we can determine the population? We have an idea that can help you to know personal ideas.

Here is an idea about the influence of the population near the trampoline park location.

  • How many Families exist in that location do you want for the trampoline
  • Teenagers’ presence in trampoline locality means how many schools, & kids parks are located near that trampoline location as it will give you an idea about teenagers quantity.
  • Young professionals feasibility
  • Young children with birthday parties Trampoline/gymnast/parkour enthusiasts
  • Fitness-lover & enthusiasts

You can plan the basic layout of your trampoline park easier if you keep these personas in mind. Consider their possible greatest fear when trampolining and the kind of experience they hope to have at your facility.

2. Easy Accessibility Toward Trampoline Park Location

The trampoline park must be easy to access with well-maintained roads so that people can drive to the park. If the location of your Trampoline is accessible for all local transportation, this will also give you a big plus. This way, people with no transportation will still be able to go to the park. Because there are still many cities and towns that don’t have indoor trampoline parks, which can be a great chance for people who want to get into the business & are chasing the best trampoline park location. Even if your business is in a hard-to-reach place, most people are willing to drive to have a fun and unique experience

You can also be sure that teenagers will go to the park with their friends this way. There are also bike paths and footpaths that make it easier for people to get to the park more actively. If the area is adorned with good infrastructural services like paved roads without jolts and jerks. If the access and travel to your designated trampoline park location are easy then people will not hesitate to visit it.

3. Trampoline Park Location Should Surrounding With Elementary and high schools

Kids are the main asset of any indoor trampoline park, and if your trampoline park lacks children then your business is in a danger zone. So if you install your trampoline park location near kids’ schools then it will give you big leverage.

Even if the schools are far away from the trampoline park location you can invite the traffic with different tricks. For instance, you should think about ways to connect with high schools and elementary schools by offering sports days and lessons on sports education. This once time free trial will start boosting your reoccurring traffic of kids. Even if they are satisfied with your services they will come again with their families. Indeed Bonus leverage!

Other Rides For Small Kids

Some kids possibly don’t like to leap. Consider introducing more rides for both them and those seeking more options. This can include slides or rides with inflatable boards that mimic skating, snowboarding, or surfing. Both are manageable for children and provide them with something else to do.

4. Ensure Infrastructural Easiness For The Public Near Trampoline Park Location

We can’t forget how important it is to be close to other (already built) infrastructure, like shops and malls. If the park is in a place that is easy to get to and has a lot of foot traffic, as well as a lot of people, then people who work nearby or run their daily errands there will be able to see it.

If they see and spent rememberable moments in the park, they will surely like to talk about their experiences to their friends & family. Further, they can visit your park when they have free time.

People can have fun, relax, shop, and run errands all at the same time in a shopping mall. Parents can leave their kids on trampolines to jump and have fun while they go shopping.

Don’t forget to include other infrastructure in your ideas for the trampoline park, such as the front desk, a coffee shop, restrooms, an arena, and any additional possible revenue generators.

5. Restaurants & Food Points Facilities Near Trampoline Park Location

Eating some entertaining snacks you wouldn’t typically find at home is a big part of the experience, just like it is at the movies and amusement parks. Customers in your establishment use a lot of energy, so nearby eateries can entice trampoliners to stay longer if they offer refreshments to enable them to sit down, chill, and refuel.

Think about whether or not there are any restaurants near where you want the trampoline park location to be. These places can be fast food places, regular restaurants, coffee shops, and so on. Because the visitors are able to refresh their energy after intense fun & take a rest for a while.

Because, when they revive their energy, they will feel relaxed & comfortable all the Ng with chat partners with whom they can share their excitement and thrill. At the same time, this will make people more aware of your trampoline park, since people who used to only go to these restaurants will now be able to see it.

Moreover, Parking is another very important thing you need to think about when choosing the trampoline park location. You need to make sure that the parking space at your trampoline park is big and open enough so that people can leave their cars there without worrying. It should have a vast area in your trampoline park premises and outside the premises.

6. How Much Area & Size Of Your Trampoline Park Location Should Have?

You must first determine how much room you have to deal with before planning the layout of your trampoline park. Realizing that you don’t have enough floor room for the airbags after deciding that you want three trapeze swings will simply cause you to spend time, ruin your vision, and become frustrated.

Build your expectations around how you can work with the space after you are aware of the area, volume, and dimensions of the property you have purchased.

You should aim for a piece of land that is at least 18,000 (1672.3 m2) square feet in size for your park. On average, trampoline courts should take up 45–50% of the building’s total square footage. A minimum ceiling height of 17 feet (5,1816 meters) is to be present, measured from the ground to the lowest impediment inside the structure.

For trampoline parks, we advise construction sizes ranging from 11000 square feet (1021.9 m2) to 35000 square feet (3251.6m2). If you merely intend to construct a modest jumping area, the minimum size is only 1000 square feet (92.9m2).

Pro-tip: Regardless of its size, while establishing a trampoline park, you should make sure that at least 80% of the space is occupied by high-quality trampolines in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is crucial that your guests have a wide selection of trampolines to pick from since this will be the primary source of both your cash and the enjoyment of your visitors.

7. Choose The Right Manufacturer To Help In Finding A Perfect Trampoline Park Location

The manufacturer you select should offer you their professional opinion on the location’s suitability as well as on appropriate layout and architecture, and they should only use materials of the highest caliber and with the appropriate certifications. They should have years of experience in designing, building, and installing family entertainment centers all over the world along with the following services…

We are aware that deciding to establish a trampoline park is the outcome of a lot of thought and planning.  

Pro-tip: When it comes to the security of trampoline parks, first-time prospective consumers might have a few reservations. If you market the different areas of your trampoline park, who they are for, and what can be done there online, you may assist your audience feel more at ease and confident about paying for admission to your park.


A trampoline park can be a good way to make money as a business. On the other hand, launching a new business as we all know is always difficult. Even more so in the business of trampoline parks, which is very complicated. Therefore, the success of any trampoline park location is of great importance. That is the reason we designed this particular post to inform you how a good trampoline park location can become fruitful for your next business. You can’t start planning and building your trampoline park until you’ve thought about everything that has to do with the location.

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