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As a renowned manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, and ninja warrior courses, TOPKIDSPLAY has reached different areas of the globe serving with the highest standard with a core value and culture of giving the best quality by not compromising its safety and security. We are fixed on giving our partners and customers the highest possible level of satisfaction which is justifiable with the number of international installations and hundreds of projects conducted to over 40 countries around the world.

With that being said, just recently, we reached the City of Angels. The marvelous, huge, and the very busy City of Dreamers, Los Angeles, California. We are very proud of the installation of our indoor park equipment which includes our very own indoor playground, trampoline park, wipeout, zipline, and the all-time favorite, ninja course. It was a huge and very successful project that showcased a lot of our new products and designs. These are some of the actual photos from the successful installation

china indoor playground

At TOPKIDSPLAY, we never stop exploring, we never settle on what we already have thus we continue to evolve. With the bright mind and creativity of our people and team, we always have a lot more to offer. On our latest installation in Los Angeles, we’ve used a new and more exciting course for them. Our research and development team is working so hard to always make up new and improved products and designs. From time to time, they conduct research and develop a knowledge-based product for our company. They work hand in hand with the production team making sure that their ideas be realized with the highest quality following the culture we have since the beginning.

soft play

As part of our constant commitment to improving, we noticed that a lot of our customers and clients prefer having a zipline on their indoor playground and ninja course, apart from their indoor equipment. Being proactive as we always are, we include zipline as part of the choices our customers and clients can choose and customize. The zipline that we offer allows a person to slide down in an inclined wire or rope. This process uses gravity to propel the user. It is perfect for kids and kids alike who love a more adventurous, thrilling, and different experience. Users can immediately stop by just dragging their feet directly on the ground. For safety purposes, soft padding is placed below for a more secure and safe landing. 

Our successful installation in Los Angeles, California is just one of the many installations we conducted all over the world. Our international installations showcased our products and designs, our culture, and most importantly, the brilliant people and team behind that world-class work of art. 

Simona Peng

Simona Peng

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