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Topkidsplay looks back on a successful 2023 and forward to 2024

The 2nd of February was an important milestone for Topkidsplay as the company held a group meeting to reflect on its achievements in 2023 and set an inspiring route forward for 2024. The meeting was a great example of the shared strength and determination of the Topkidsplay family. The design department’s presentation of the Mario Wall […]

How to start an indoor playground business

figure 5 indoor playground business space

Starting a business venture is not a walk in the park. As an aspiring businessman, there are many aspects to take care of, and it becomes a bit difficult to keep everything in line. Additionally, if you are entering a market that already has some giants, the competition level escalates. However, this does not mean […]

TOPKIDSPLAY reached Los Angeles, California


As a renowned manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, and ninja warrior courses, TOPKIDSPLAY has reached different areas of the globe serving with the highest standard with a core value and culture of giving the best quality by not compromising its safety and security. We are fixed on giving our partners and customers the highest possible level of […]

Detroit, USA Welcomes Our Ninja Playground

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Ninja Playground came after the Ninja Warrior course. It is one of the products that TopkidsPlay produced with a guarantee of the highest level of safety and quality. It has a variety of obstacles designed for kids to have fun, exercise, improve physical health, and improve the ability to focus. Aside from that, it also […]

New Ninja Obstacle Course installed in Malaysia

New Ninja Obstacle Course Installed In Malaysia 1

The total area of ninja course is about 200 square meter.It includes many funny and exciting game accessories,like floating door,salmon ladder,cargo tube net,balance log and bar hops.The most exciting and challenging game in ninja course is warped wall.It requires a strong sprint ability and arm strength for people to reach the top of walls.

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