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How to Keep Your Indoor Play Area Equipment Clean

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Indoor playgrounds are a safe haven for children of all ages. They are the best places for kids to unleash their imaginative side. With so much room, they can be as creative with different playground equipment like ball pits or magic slides. However, play area equipment can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

And when you open an indoor play area, the last thing you want to worry about is how to keep the equipment clean. Without proper cleaning, they can quickly become a hotbed for illness-causing bacteria. Find how to keep your play area clean and safe for the little ones.

figure 1 indoor play area

How Often Should You Clean The Indoor Play Area Equipment?

You need to clean the indoor play equipment daily to keep it free from germs and dirt. Besides, you may need to be proactive in cleaning several times a day, considering there will be messes when kids play. There are also new disinfection and sanitizing rules due to the ongoing pandemic that needs to be followed.

While the pandemic is still in the swing, you may have to clean your soft play equipment even more frequently. You could be required by law or health department standards (depending on its location) that need cleaning every few hours.

Also, monitor how often everything needs attention too! To prevent dirt from accumulating on surfaces, wipe them down with a damp cloth or sponge every day to remove any grime that may have accumulated over time since the last cleaning.

You can’t just put down some disinfectant spray and call yourself good. Instead, think about what else might need to be done ahead, like separating sessions in the playground equipment if needed since different surfaces will become contaminated quickly with viruses.

figure 2 indoor playground equipment clean

How to Clean the Indoor Playground Area Equipment?

Even if the area may look visibly clean, you will have to ensure it is germ-free for everyone’s safety. Here are some ways you can clean and disinfect.

figure 3 indoor playground area equipment

1. Clean and Sanitize

Proper cleaning and sanitization will keep the indoor playground area free from germs. You can keep your indoor play area clean by using a sanitizer or disinfectant recommended for the type of surface you are cleaning.

Consult with suppliers about which products will work best based on recommendations from manufacturers. Follow label instructions carefully when applying them not to damage any vulnerable surfaces and play equipment.

Be strict about cleaning bodily fluids such as vomit, urine, fecal matter, and blood from the playing equipment. Therefore, make sure to clean and sanitize properly in case of such accidents, as they are a health hazard, making others sick from contaminations. When cleaning these areas, do not allow anyone to play around or come in close contact until you are sure of its cleanliness.

We also recommend using a disinfection machine for cleaning the indoor playing equipment. With its convenient and easy-to-handle features, you’ll be able to disinfect the indoor play areas quickly.

2. Have a Multistep Cleaning Method

A multistep cleaning method will help you double-check your indoor play areas and maintain their cleanliness.

  • Start cleaning and disinfecting with a mix of soapy water to get rid of grime and sticky dirt.
  • After this, use a commercial disinfecting solution to ensure no viruses and harmful germs on the playing surface.
  • Once you have disinfected the play area, use a non-toxic sanitizing spray on the indoor play equipment. Always read the product label of such solutions for ensuring safety while using. This will kill the germs and maintain hygiene.

Using these steps will keep your visitors safe and worry-free. Also, keep the cleaning supplies such as soap, water, paper towels, signboards to signal wet areas, and other signs while disinfecting and sanitizing.

3. Inspection Between Sessions

Kids can create a mess while playing that may need to be addressed quickly. Keep a close eye on the indoor playground area if a child has an accident or spills something. Any delay in routine cleaning such messes may lead to health and safety hazards such as odor and permanent damages. Some accidents may also result in broken glass and plastic pieces that need attention immediately.

4. Tips to Maintain Cleanliness

While you can clean your play area equipment in between playing sessions and at the end of the day, these tips will come in handy to make your work easier. Following good practices to keep the indoor playground clean will help keep up the germ-free goal for everyone’s safety.

figure 4 indoor playground equipment maintain

5. Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand washing should be a priority; however, hand sanitizers help eliminate the risk of disease-causing germs. With infectious diseases easily transmitted on unclean and dirty surfaces, the kids must use sanitizers before playing their games.

This way, the surfaces will remain clean, and children’s hands won’t get nasty from touching greasy surfaces. Providing sanitizers at various places inside the play area is a quick way to clear out germs and viruses. Use sanitizer with an alcohol percentage of 60 or more to effectively keep the indoor playground clean.

6. Keep Snack Areas Away

Kids are notorious for leaving half-eaten food and crumbs whenever they eat. Therefore, the snacking areas should be separate from the indoor playground equipment, so there’s no food contamination. With the no food policy in the indoor playground, it will be properly maintained for longer.  

Also, encourage hand washing in kids before and after eating any snacks. It will keep their hands clean and germ-free. Besides, they will not leave handprints with food on every surface that they come in contact with.

Ensure that they use antibacterial soapy water to clean their hands and dry using paper towels. This will reduce children’s risk of getting sick due to the intake of germs and viruses while snacking.

7. Receptacle Stations

Trash receptacles are a must-have for any indoor playground area, as they will help you collect the garbage which may otherwise end up on the playground surfaces without a bin. Provide litter receptacles to make it convenient for customers to throw away their junk.

You may also hang up signs/banners, so people are reminded to follow the rules and throw the garbage to keep the indoor playground clean.

figure 5 trash indoor playground

In Conclusion

Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the playing equipment should be your number one priority. With the right disinfecting and sanitizing techniques, you’ll be able to make the indoor playground experience memorable for the kids.

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