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Do Ninja Obstacle Courses Make Money?

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Ninja Obstacle Courses have taken the fitness world by storm, offering participants a chance to test their physical and mental strength through challenging and exciting obstacles. Inspired by popular television shows and the rise of functional training, these courses have become increasingly popular among people of all ages. With their rapid growth, the question arises: Do Ninja Obstacle Courses make money? The answer is YES! In this article, we will explore the profitability of Ninja Gyms and how TOPKIDSPLAY company leads in providing top-notch services and products in this dynamic industry.

The Rising Popularity of Ninja Obstacle Courses:

In recent years, Ninja Obstacle Courses have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, both in the fitness community and mainstream entertainment. With TV shows like “American Ninja Warrior” captivating audiences worldwide, interest in these adventurous challenges has soared. Viral videos of amazing feats accomplished on Ninja courses are widely shared on social media platforms, which further increases this trend.

More than 75,000 athletes tried out for the show the previous year. These numbers are anticipated to increase, providing a special commercial opportunity to business owners who are committed to attaining their objectives. The numbers speak for themselves as Ninja Gyms continue to attract fitness enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, driving demand for these unique and engaging experiences. 

There are currently hundreds of ninja obstacle course Gyms operating around the world, with the largest number in the United States and Canada. According to the research, profitable ninja warrior gyms generate annual revenues between $200,000 and $500,000.

i. Why have Ninja Obstacle Courses become so popular?

Influence of Television Shows and Social Media:

The success of “American Ninja Warrior” and other similar shows has played a significant role in introducing Ninja Obstacle Courses to the masses. These programs showcase incredible athletes conquering challenging courses, inspiring viewers to seek out similar experiences. Social media platforms further promote these courses, allowing Gyms to reach a wider audience through captivating videos and user-generated content.

Unique Blend of Entertainment and Fitness:

Ninja Obstacle Courses offer a refreshing departure from traditional workouts. Combining physical challenges with elements of entertainment, participants find enjoyment in tackling obstacles that test their strength, agility, and problem-solving skills. The fun and exciting atmosphere of Ninja Gyms makes them appealing to people looking for a dynamic and engaging fitness routine.

Attraction to All Age Groups:

One of the key strengths of Ninja Obstacle Courses is their universal appeal. Children and teenagers are drawn to the thrill and excitement of completing challenging obstacles, promoting physical development, and boosting their self-confidence. Meanwhile, adults find the courses an exciting and innovative way to stay fit, breaking the monotony of traditional gym workouts. The ability to cater to a wide age range ensures a diverse and consistent customer base for Ninja Gyms. The various Ninja Obstacle Courses attractions also add to the variety and fun of the program.

ii. How Do Ninja Obstacle Courses Generate Revenue?

Ninja Gyms utilizes various strategies to generate revenue and maintain profitability:

Membership and Admission Fees:

Ninja Gyms often offer membership plans or charge per visit. Regular attendees are encouraged to opt for membership packages, ensuring a stable and predictable source of income. Additionally, hosting special events, birthday parties, and corporate team-building activities can further boost admission fees.

Merchandise and Concessions:

Many Ninja Gyms sell branded merchandise, such as t-shirts, water bottles, and wristbands. These products not only help to build the gym’s reputation, but they also generate new sources of income. Offering concessions or healthy snacks on-site also contributes to income generation.

Private Lessons and Coaching:

To cater to enthusiasts looking to improve their skills, some Ninja Gyms offer private training sessions and coaching. These personalized services command higher fees and significantly contribute to the gym’s revenue.

Special Events and Competitions:

Organizing special events, workshops, and Ninja competitions can attract a broader audience and generate substantial income through participant fees and spectator tickets. These activities not only spark interest and participation but also advance the reputation of the gym in the neighborhood.

Corporate Partnerships and Team-Building Events:

Ninja Gyms often partners with local businesses and corporate entities to host team-building events and promotional activities. Such partnerships lead to bulk bookings and consistent revenue streams.

Online Courses and Virtual Training:

With the increasing popularity of online platforms, many Ninja Gyms now offer virtual training sessions and courses. Gyms may access a worldwide audience thanks to these online services, which increases their potential clientele and revenue sources.

Running a Ninja Obstacle Courses gym requires more than just waiting around for clients to come to you. So, this is the time when you need some means to attract customers to come and consume.

iii. How to promote my Ninja Obstacle Courses gym?——AIDA Marketing Method:

The AIDA marketing method (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is a crucial aspect of promoting Ninja Gyms and converting potential customers into paying members:


Captivating Experience for All Ages: Ninja Gyms offer an attention-grabbing experience that appeals to individuals of all ages. Both thrill-seekers and fitness fans are drawn in by the challenging obstacles.


Sparking Curiosity and Interest through Marketing: Effective marketing strategies, both online and offline, pique the interest of potential customers. Sharing success stories of participants, videos of exciting obstacles, and testimonials help generate curiosity and interest in the Ninja Gym experience.


Showcasing Physical and Mental Benefits to Drive Desire: By showcasing the physical and mental benefits of Ninja Obstacle Courses, Gyms create a strong desire among their target audience to engage in these challenging adventures. Highlighting improved fitness levels, increased confidence, and enhanced problem-solving skills contributes to the desire to become part of the Ninja community.


Encouraging Prospective Customers to Engage: To drive action, Ninja Gyms offer trial sessions, promotional packages, and engaging content. Clear and accessible information about pricing, schedules, and membership benefits prompt potential customers to take the desired action and engage with the gym’s services.

With the above information, you must have some interest in the Ninja Obstacle Course. When you have this idea but don’t know how to get started, contact Topkidsplay.


TOPKIDSPLAY stands out as a leader in the Ninja Obstacle Course industry, providing exceptional services and products to Gyms worldwide. TOPKIDSPLAY makes sure gym owners get top-notch obstacle courses and gym equipment by emphasizing innovation, safety, and customer happiness. Our expertise in designing and constructing Ninja Gyms guarantees customized solutions that align with the vision and requirements of clients.

Safety is paramount in TOPKIDSPLAY’s approach to constructing Ninja Obstacle Courses. Each obstacle is meticulously engineered to provide a challenging yet secure experience for participants. The use of high-quality materials ensures the longevity of the equipment and minimizes maintenance costs for gym owners.

TOPKIDSPLAY offers comprehensive support to gym owners, from the initial concept design to installation and ongoing maintenance. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients to create customized courses that deliver a unique and exciting experience to our customers.

Get in touch if you’ve recently considered opening your own Ninja gym or if you want to update your facilities. Topkidsplay will provide you with the most professional information and thoughtful service.


Ninja Obstacle Courses have emerged as a popular and profitable fitness trend, captivating individuals seeking thrilling challenges and interactive workouts. The demand for these exciting courses continues to rise, making Ninja Gyms a lucrative business opportunity. By employing effective marketing strategies, offering diverse revenue streams, and prioritizing customer satisfaction and safety, Gyms can drive profitability and build successful ventures in this dynamic industry. 

TOPKIDSPLAY, with our commitment to excellence and innovation, exemplifies the qualities necessary for a successful Ninja gym business. As more people recognize the physical and mental benefits of Ninja Obstacle Courses, the profitability of Ninja Gyms is expected to continue growing. By providing a fun and challenging fitness experience, Ninja Gyms is well-positioned to thrive and expand, attracting new customers and generating revenue in the years to come.

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