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Finding The Perfect Settlement for Your Commercial Trampoline Park Equipment

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Trampolines are a popular recreational activity for both children and adults. Running a trampoline park business can be rewarding and profitable as the indoor park market continues to grow.

However, finding the perfect location is key to the efficient operation of your trampoline park as it gives your business visibility and customer attraction. This article will give you all the information you need to land in the perfect location for your next big business endeavor.  

Space Requirements for Trampoline Park

First things first, we recommend you go with a floor plan that is rectangular in shape, with grounds leveled and a strong concrete base.

Trampoline parks these days tend to be comprehensive projects with more than just conventional trampolines. Although a minimum of 200 square meters can be sufficient for a basic trampoline park, if you have bigger plans such as including bigger commercial trampoline park equipment, we suggest you increase the area size up to 1000 square meters. To utilize your space to the max, avoid excessive pillars and columns. A minimum of 6 meters distance between the columns is recommended.


The minimum floor height requirement is at least 4.2 meters. For adults, the average recommended height is 6 meters but can be brought down to 5.2 meters but not below that. However, if you are planning a bigger professional trampoline project, we recommend you take the height up to 7 meters. That way, your trampoline park will not be subjected to any age restrictions and will be able to attract more people from different age groups.

In the end, it is of crucial importance to have safety exits that are easily accessible, especially in the case of an emergency. This can prevent many accidents and mishaps which can potentially harm your recreational business.

Conduct Thorough Market Research

Once you have figured out the space requirements, move on to the next step of market research to make sure the location is suitable for smooth business operations. Below are few quick and easy ways how to conduct your research:  

i. Easy Access to the Location:

If there is easy access to the location, potential customers will have no trouble finding you when they come to your park. First off, it would be wise to locate your trampoline park in a well-known or well-liked area that is crowded in general. Among other places, in a commercial center downtown.

Second, make sure the location of your trampoline park is obvious rather than obscure. If you make the mistake of renting a building or facility in an unnoticed location just because it’s affordable, you may have to spend more money advertising and promoting your trampoline park. Choosing a scenic spot can be a big plus point for the business.

If the trampoline park is situated in a somewhat more remote area, it has to be bigger and have more attractions to draw guests.

Third, choose a trampoline park location that has easy access to transportation and lots of parking. Additionally, there is parking available for guests driving to your trampoline park. A parking spot is crucial. You can opt for locations that are usually more youth concentrated. These can be areas near residential areas, schools, kindergartens, youth training facilities, or commercial complexes.


ii. Find out Your Target Customer:

Opening a trampoline park requires a huge investment. You need to make sure that the area you’re opting for has a demand for recreational activities such as trampoline parks. You can easily do this by tapping into your audience i.e. target market. Discover your target customer’s characteristics, activities, problems, and best methods of contact.

You’ll soon realize that individuals of various ages may enjoy trampolining. Young people, children, and adults. You may cater to the demands of each of these categories of individuals through customer segmentation.

Conduct thorough research on the economic situation of the area to figure out the spending power of the people. This research will enable you to figure out whether a place is suitable for opening a trampoline park and what price plan you should roll out which is suitable for your target market as well.  


iii. Get a good knowledge of your competitors:

After thorough research about your target market, now you need to do market research about your competitors and do a detailed analysis.  

This entails evaluating the sector’s present participants to learn how they manage their companies, how much they charge, and what services they provide. This way you will be able to build your own unique selling point which is lucrative to your audience as well that there is something different and new.


Keeping your competitors to a minimum is essential for business success. Essentially, look for areas where there aren’t a lot of trampoline parks already established. If you build the first park in the area, you might just hit a jackpot.

If there are already parks in the area, maybe you can introduce some new commercial trampoline park equipment that the locals have not seen before.

The Legalities to Set up a Business in the Area

To open your trampoline park, you might need permits from the local government or relevant regulatory bodies in your city. There are also some quality standards that the building and commercial trampoline park equipment need to meet. It is better recommended that you speak with some authorities beforehand to find out if there are any location restrictions for trampoline parks to avoid any problems in the future.

Some Ideal Spaces for Opening a Trampoline Park

If you’ve read this far but still have some confusion about the ideal place for your trampoline park business, we have shortlisted some places you can consider:

i. Inside a shopping mall:

★ Large flow of public
★  Easy access
★  Save up money on marketing and promotion
● High rental costs
● Restricted area and floor height
● Greater control by mall management
● Difficult to control operating hours

ii. Inside a Sports Facility:

★ Greater floor height
★ More space to set up commercial trampoline park equipment
★ Lesser costs
★ Sports staff can be helpful
● Higher rent
● Comparatively higher marketing costs
● Unnecessary oversight by sports facility management

iii. A former industrial business or warehouse:

★ Cheaper rent
★ Bigger floor space and height
★ No external management
● High revamping and renovation costs
● Will require a lot of marketing
● Accessibility problems


Starting a trampoline park is not an easy task. It requires months of planning and hard work and even then, there is a lot of speculation and doubts. Finding the location itself Is half the worry. But if you follow our above-mentioned guidelines, you will be able to crack the perfect equation for your trampoline park location and run a successful business.

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