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The World’s 10 Best Trampoline Parks

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Trampoline park is one of the hottest trends when it comes to recreation either with family, friends, colleagues, and classmates.

It has become a go-to venue for fun, sports, excitement, and exercise as well.

Trampolining benefits

Aside from the amusing fact and fun environment trampoline park offers, it also gives a lot of benefits for the body such as fat burning, bone and muscle development, normalizing blood regulation, and many more. Trampolining inside a facility or in your backyard is both beneficial to one’s body.

Because of these numerous benefits, it is no doubt that a lot of places from all over the world are adapting to this craze.

figure 1 trampolining benefits

The 10 best trampoline parks in the world are listed in NO SPECIFIC ORDER.

These trampoline parks for us exceed in many aspects thus making their names included in this list.

1. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

figure 2 sky zone trampoline park 1
  • Location: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Guatemala, Kuwait, and Mexico
  • Website:

What is Sky Zone?

Sky Zone trampoline park has over a hundred locations in different areas of the world making it one of the best trampoline parks in the world.

It was established in Las Vegas Valley by entrepreneur Rick Platt. The very first trampoline park has a massive space of 17,000 square feet.

Sky Zone continually innovates for all their guests and visitors to have more epic ways to be challenged, play, and enjoy.  Being the brain of wall-to-wall aerial action, Sky Zone became the leader when it comes to it.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park has several trampoline courts. For safety, each trampoline’s spring is covered by mats to prevent visitors from falling inside the hole.

What do they offer?

  • Freestyle Jump
  • Foam Zone
  • SkySlam
  • The Wall
  • Ultimate Dodgeball
  • Sky ladder
  • Skyline
  • Speed zone and many more

2.Urban Air Trampoline Park

figure 3 urban air trampoline park
  • Location: Multiple locations across the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Website:

Urban Air trampoline and adventure park is part of our list of 10 best trampoline parks in the world and we believe it should be.

What do they offer?

Urban air is not your usual jumping area. It provides a world-class indoor adventure park for locals and tourists of all levels.

Aside from the jumping experience, they offer so many attractions and courses inside their area and we will be generous enough to jot down some of those.

Their attractions include:

  • arcade
  • drop zone
  • climbing walls
  • APEX trampolines
  • dodgeball
  • slam dunk zone and many more.

Also, you don’t have to worry about birthday parties because Urban Air Trampoline park can be the perfect location for you. You can simply arrange and book your celebration or visit their site for inquiries.

Come check out their website and be more aware of Urban Air.

3. Helium Trampoline Park

figure 4 helium trampoline park

We better include this facility in our list of 10 best trampoline parks in the world because why not?

Helium trampoline park has a gigantic area perfect for its many attractions.

figure 5 helium trampoline

This park is perfect for children who want to play and have fun, for parents to gain a unique experience, for jumpers to exercise and sweat, and simply for the whole family to capture a more fun experience.

What do they offer?

Their fun attractions include:

  • Trampolines
  • Ninja warrior course
  • Fidget ladder
  • Kiddie Court
  • Extreme Slam
  • Foam pit and many more

They also offer a lock-in party to all guests and visitors who wish to celebrate their special occasions inside this park.

To learn more about this awesome park, you may visit their website mentioned above.

4. Flip Out Trampoline Park

figure 6 flip out trampoline park
  • Location: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Website:

Part of the 10 best trampoline parks in the world is the United Kingdom’s Flip Out Trampoline park.

This is a mega-giant Adventure and Trampoline park which claimed the title of being the world’s largest trampoline park. If you are curious about the biggest indoor trampoline park in the world, Flip Out is the answer.

This massive park in Glasgow, Scotland has a mind-blowing area of 63,000 square feet. Jumpers, children, or kids of all ages can get access and perfectly build a unique experience inside this park.

What do they offer?

Some of their attractions include:

  • Kids trampoline area
  • Soft play area
  • Kids slip street arena
  • Inflatables
  • Bungee place
  • Helter-skelter
  • Basketball court
  • Massive flip street area for adults
figure 7 flip out trampoline park

Flip Out Adventure and Trampoline park also has a great number of locations.

Branches all over the world are seen on their page where you can always choose where is the most convenient for you and your family and simply book right away.

To learn more about this indoor trampoline park leader, visit their site and reach them in a flip.

5. Altitude Trampoline park

figure 8 altitude trampoline park

After learning about the world’s leader when it comes to the biggest trampolines, here comes the United State of America’s biggest trampoline facility.

This huge park has more than 55,000 square feet of area that includes a range of fun and exciting courses and attractions for kids and families to visit.

This giant park is considered to be one of the best trampoline parks not just in the country but globally because of its numerous amenities including of course an Olympic-size foam pits with space and bounce area that can cater to a good number of kids and adults.

Above all that, Altitude Trampoline Park is ASTM certified so you better be at ease because your safety is their priority.

What do they offer?

Listed down below is the list of some of their offered attractions:

  • Battle beam
  • Main court
  • Stunt bag
  • Ninja course
  • Trampoline basketball
  • Wipeout
  • Soft play
  • zipline
figure 9 altitude trampoline park

The good thing is you can also book your celebration and parties in their venue allowing your guests to enjoy and have fun in an hour or two.

Altitude Trampoline Park can be reached on their website so you better get that chance to jump, bounce, and unleash that inner child.

6. Bounce Below

figure 10 bounce below

Let us jump and bounce into the extraordinary. Bounce Below for us is one of the best trampoline parks in the world due to these reasons:

Bounce Below beauty lies 100 feet below the ground in the land of Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, The United Kingdom at the Zip World Titan Site, not indoors nor in your backyard.

figure 11 bounce below

Going there, visitors should make use of an ancient mining shaft that has a train wearing the appropriate clothing for optimum safety.

There is also a strict protocol for age, kids below 7 years old are prohibited inside the facility for their safety.

Inside bounce below are 3 gigantic trampolines interconnected by the use of a slide and ladder. That ladder was utilized to create a huge playground underground.

Walls are also covered by nets to prohibit any unwanted accidents.

What do they offer?

Aside from jumping and bouncing, they also offer:

  • The Caverns
  • Titan 2
  • Deep Mine tour and more fun activities

For anyone who wants to venture into new and something out of the ordinary, Bounce Below is the perfect location for you.

7. Get Air Trampoline Park

figure 12 get air trampoline park

This is never shocking, Get Air Trampoline parks made it into our list. With its diverse location, it is impossible to miss this as one of the best trampoline parks in the world.

Get Air Trampoline park removes itself from the ordinary since they are continually innovating what they have.

Each Get Air Trampoline park’s location has its blend but maintains the exact look of one another. They are particular with their uniformity and appearance making them one of the most consistent trampoline park chains.

figure 13 get air trampoline park

What do they offer?

Some of their attractions are as follows:

  • Trampolines
  • Foam pit
  • Dodgeball
  • Fidget ladder
  • Slackline
  • Slamball and many more

8. Cyberjump Trampoline Park

figure 14 cyberjump trampoline park

As one of Europe’s largest trampoline parks, Cyberjump made it to our top ten.

It has an area of more than 3,000 square meters with assets of 1,400 square meters. This trampoline park offers the most appropriate sports equipment and provides great leisure time for all ages.

What do they offer?

  • Open trampoline track
  • Slamball track
  • High performance arena
  • Ninja warrior
  • Battle beams
  • Sponge pool
  • Big bagjump
figure 15 cyberjump trampoline park

Aside from all the fun stuff, they also serve food for the hungry stomach inside their bistro, they also have a lounge, changing room, and of course an event area where you can book your special event for a unique experience.

Their website, email address, and contact number are available above for your quick contact.

9. Freefall Trampoline park

figure 16 freefall trampoline park

This facility features an area of 33,000 square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines and offers a comfortable sitting area for guardians or parents to chill while watching their kids and toddlers enjoy.

Wanting to have an optimum experience with kids and family? They can also be an avenue for parties and celebrations like no other. Wifi and vending machines are also accessible making the visit more worthwhile.

Freefall doesn’t have the biggest trampolines in the world but they have one of the most unique and lovable features that a lot will surely agree with.

What do they offer?

Their attractions include:

  • Kid Freefall
  • Club Freefall
  • Extreme Air
  • Meltdown
  • Rope Course
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball and many more

You can easily book through their website and find out more amazing and exciting packages and prices.

10. AirMaxx Trampoline parks

figure 17 airmaxx trampoline parks

AirMaxx is considered to be part of the best trampoline parks in the world since they have a unique set of features that most others don’t offer.

Aside from the most common elements available, AirMaxx offers a traditional American digital arcade and a laser tag to all of its visitors.

AirMaxx doesn’t have the biggest trampolines in the world but its attribute is enough to jump on and be included in our list.

What do they offer?

Some of their attractions are as follows:

  • Trampoline jump
  • Ninja warrior
  • Virtual reality
figure 18 airmaxx trampoline parks

You can purchase your tickets, book your events and celebrations, and get special deals through their website mentioned above.


figure 19 conclusion

There are several excellent trampolining facilities across the world, and we’ve selected the 10 best trampoline parks that exceed in many aspects. The majority of them have one thing in common: leaping surfaces.

At the end of the day, the trampoline’s goal is for children and families of all ages to enjoy, create a lasting experience, and for a little moment, leave and forget the hurdles and hassles of life’s reality. If you have any interest to develop your best trampoline parks, contact us for more details.TOPKIDSPLAY will make the bespoke design for you accordingly.

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