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Thanksgiving Day

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Winter had come, and one of the most favorite American festivals is also coming. That’s Thanksgiving. Americans go to church to pray according to customs, makeup parades, and sports competitions are organized everywhere. Besides, they would hold a party with family or friends to spend the festive season at home or amusement park, or a trampoline park. And we Topkidsplay who can design and manufacture unique and attractive parks for both kids and adults wish you to enjoy a fun time with your family and friends at our worldwide trampoline parks!

Thanksgiving day is on 4th Thursday annually. At first, people don’t have a fixed date to celebrate Thanksgiving. But it was declared by President Lincoln as a national holiday after the independence of the United States. Do you know the origin of Thanksgiving, let’s have a brief look:

In 1620, Puritans drifted on the sea and arrived in the vicinity of Plymouth but faced lots of difficulties like no secure residence, and insufficient food. At last, there were only 50 immigrants survived, because of heavy labor and infectious disease.

Fortunately, they met Indians who brought gifts and sent people to teach the immigrants to hunt, fish and grow corn, pumpkins, and broad beans. Finally, they had a good harvest with the help of the Indians.

On the day of celebrating the harvest, the immigrants set a day to thank God according to the traditional customs, and decided to thank the Indian friends for their kind help, and invited them to have a fun time festival together. This is the origin of Thanksgiving.

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