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Wooden Style Professional Zipline for Indoor or Outdoor

This Zipline is made up of Turns, spirals and dips, retraction system and trolley. It can be used in amusement park, indoor themed park, supermarket, adventure zone and etc.

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Model No.



32.8* 6.56 ft (10*2 m)


9.19 ft. (2.8 m)


215.28 sq.ft (20 SQM)

User Capacity



The zip line is also called a zipper. It is a kind of amusement equipment that uses the potential energy of the height difference of the object to make the tourists slide from a high place to a low place by means of steel cables and pulleys. The way the zipper is played is to hang people on the cable from high to low for long distances. Let you enjoy the wide view, the speed of the excitement, and the fun of the adventure.


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