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All-metal Modern Zipline for Professional Users

The name, Zipline, came from the ‘zip’ sounds as the customers travel from one side to the other. It also has other names such as Flying Fox, Zip Wire, Aerial Runway, or Tyrolean Crossing, as they are called in other regions.

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Model No.



26.24* 6.56 ft (8*2 m)


9.84 ft. (3 m)


172.22 sq.ft (16 SQM)

User Capacity



Zipline is a type of leisure/sports activity, in which the customers zoom from one side of the wire that is firmly fixed on the poles or trees to the other using trolleys mounted on the wire.

This Zipline is made up of glider track, Turns, spirals and dips, retraction system, and trolley. All equipment in TopKidsPlay is being managed with the safety as the primal value in every step, from the planning phase to the actual operation. We regularly inspection and maintain our equipment and facilities to maintain the optimal conditions and safety for our users.

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