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Professional Customized Design Quality Snow Themed kids Indoor Playground

The indoor playground can exercise children’s physical development, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and flexibility. The soft structure and game equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact of children falling or jumping.

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69*62ft (21*18.8m)


17ft. (5.2m)


4284sq.ft (398SQM)

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This is a large indoor playground with snow as the theme. Due to its high height, the entire Naughty Fort has four floors. The design area is 398 square meters and the highest point is 5.2 meters.

Due to its large, this amusement park is suitable for shopping malls or large toy towns. The various amusement facilities inside can provide children with sufficient play experience. This set of equipment is very suitable for children to play, the internal facilities can fully meet their needs and can fully stimulate their potential. The educational amusement equipment also has a great effect on the physical and mental development!

If you want to create a snow kingdom, please let our design team customize the design for you!

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