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The indoor playground can exercise children’s physical development, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and flexibility. The soft structure and game equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact of children falling or jumping.


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53.5*24.6ft (16.3*7.5m)


13ft. (4m)


1313sq.ft (122SQM)

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Because of the human nature of being close to nature, coupled with the general trend of family leisure and entertainment, the playground and snow are better combined.

To build a snow theme playground, it is necessary to make full use of the cultural characteristics of ice and snow, combine the cultural connotation of the region itself, and combine the two to reflect the urban characteristics of the ice and snow theme park. The cultural characteristics of ice and snow and the regional culture are intersected, and the ice and snow are combined. The atmosphere is combined with fantasy fairy tales, and the combination of nature and architecture.

In addition to meeting the requirements for infrastructure, the games in the snow theme amusement park must also match the landscape characteristics of the theme amusement park, so that the amusement park presents the characteristics of artistic appreciation and mirrors the ice and snow landscape.

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