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Lantern Festival

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Lantern Festival is one of the traditional cultural festivals in China. On the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, every household will hang up beautiful lanterns, and merchants will also put on a variety of Lantern Festival products to welcome the Lantern Festival. Later, it became popular to write riddles on paper, pasted on colorful lanterns for people to guess, and quizzes with prizes all also common. Because riddles can enlighten the wisdom and cater to the festive atmosphere, many people responded to them, and both men and women, young and old, were to participate. Therefore, guessing activities have gradually become one of the indispensable programs of the Lantern Festival. The lantern riddle activity adds to the festive atmosphere, showing the ingenuity of the ancient Chinese working people and their vision for a better future.

lantern festival

In addition to lantern riddle activities, people will also welcome the Lantern Festival by eating Lantern. Traditional flavors such as sesame and peanut are most popular, plus fruit, durian, and chocolate flavors.

Welcome the Lantern Festival, the celebration has come again! Happy Lantern Festival to everyone from TOPKIDSPLAY!!

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