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Happy Children’s Day

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Children’s Day is coming, do you know why there is a Children’s Day? Children’s Day was established in November 1949 by the Executive Committee of the Women’s International Democratic Federation in Moscow as International Children’s Day in order to call for the protection of the rights and interests of children around the world. International Children’s Day was established mainly in connection with the tragic events of World War II in Lidice, and secondly to pay tribute to the children who died in the war, to oppose the tragic abuses suffered by children after World War II, to improve the lives of children all over the world, and to guarantee their right to survival and education.

topkidsplay happy childrens day

On this day of every year, children should spend it in a happy way. Compared with the usual busy days, the best gift of this day is companionship, families can accompany their children to go out and play together, on this special day, children are the main characters, When we talk about their favorite things, it must be food and play, families can go to Dreamland playground together, where there are a variety of toys, trampolines, indoor playgrounds, children can enjoy playing all day, I believe that playing they will not feel tired, if hungry, eating a dessert in the dining area is a good choice, parents can play with the children, or relax and chat in the rest area. What a great day it was.

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