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As a trusted manufacturer of play equipment including a ninja course, TopKidsPlay reached a Western Asian country, Lebanon. As a country that is famous for its well-preserved castles and churches from the ancient Roman period, Lebanon offers a lot of fun experiences for children and adults. They have a lot of playgrounds and parks that kids can enjoy and build camaraderie.

A certain client from Lebanon chose and trusted TopKidsPlay to build and produce their playground in mind. The client wanted the ninja course thus we at TopKidsPlay made several suggestions and recommendations based on their preference. We have a portfolio that contains numerous designs and themes specifically for a ninja course that is available for every client who wanted to gain a broader idea of their desired theme.  

As a result, the client chose this design with the layout shown below.

This ninja course is consisting of different bright colors such as sky blue, pink, yellow, orange, and some hint of black making it more attractive and entertaining for kids. This ninja course has a total area of 33 square meters enough for kids to play, enjoy, and build experiences. Photos below are the actual ninja course produced by TopKidsPlay for the client in Lebanon.

Going further, because safety is the number one priority of TopkidsPlay, this ninja course from Lebanon is equipped with optimum safety features so that parents and guardians will be fully at ease with their children at play. It is expected that children inside the play area will be too active that is why we’ve installed a safety net surrounding the area that will serve as a protection from falling off the ninja course area.  This project is also a foam ninja course, foam cubes are placed all over the area so there is no need to worry if kids will tumble and fall. It is too soft that kids will just feel nothing from the fall. Games included inside basically promotes children to improve their balance and stamina as well as determination and eagerness.

TopKidsPlay offers two types of foam cubes, the eco-friendly and the other one is the fire resistance. For North American countries, the latter is for them. Meanwhile, for clients who are pro-nature, eco-friendly foam cubes are perfect for them.

For additional points, TopKidsPlay recommends having a 2.9-meter area for kids’ use but if a client wishes to have more space for adults, an area of at least 3.5 meters is suggested. For a more exciting and fun experience, a ninja course is a perfect addition to an indoor playground. TopKidsPlay will give you a great option to enlarge your playground to give more possibilities to the market.

Through the years, TopKidsPlay produces high-quality play equipment including a ninja course that we offer locally and internationally. We opt to provide safety and quality together with all the projects we conducted and as a consequence of that, more and more clients have come to trust the products we deliver making all our installations and closed-deal projects a testament to our success.

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