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Soft Play Frame Equipment in Dubai’s Renowned Mall

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Introducing Topkidsplay’s new project, a small three-level soft play frame equipment located in one of Dubai’s leading shopping malls.

The color scheme of this soft play frame equipment is very vibrant, using highly saturated colors such as purple and yellow magenta. The frame is also enriched with a gear mapping design to attract the interest of young players.

When you look around, you will first see the pencil-shaped outer edge fence, which is very cute and interesting. It makes the whole space more creative while keeping the players safe.

The specific equipment of this soft play frame equipment includes a Single-plank bridge, trampoline, ball pits, step-by-step, spiral slide, steel cable bridge, hanging discs, hanging bags, the pyramid with snow, etc. The variety of equipment gives the indoor playground a more playful experience. These devices provide players with a variety of ways to play, keeping them fresh and driving their next purchase.

We are happy to have the opportunity to work with our clients. Our team fulfilled the client’s need for a unique style and we look forward to more collaborative projects in the future.

If you are also looking for a indoor playground supplier and need to plan your space, please contact us and topkidsplay will provide you with the most professional service and high-quality products.

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