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Retro Design Indoor Adventure Park Playground Rope Course for Kids

This rope course is aimed at children like drilling, climbing, sliding, swinging, jumping, rolling, shaking and so on to develop personality of tough, training speed, strength, endurance balance to achieve physical fitness and the purpose of intelligence. We can design according to your area plan, theme, and color.

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Model No.



26.24* 26.24 ft (8*8 m)


13.1 ft. (4 m)


688.89 sq.ft (64 SQM)

User Capacity



By rope course, physical activity can be turned into a fun experience. They challenge flexibility, balance and strength in a thrill boosting way, while ensuring maximum safety in conjunction with several Eurocode safety standards. Our ropes courses offer a wide range of difficulty levels that appeal to both children and adults. The brand’s attractions are appropriate for participants as young as five years of age.


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