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Factory Supply Customized Candy Theme Castle Indoor playground for Children

The indoor playground can exercise children’s physical development, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and flexibility. The soft structure and game equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact of children falling or jumping.

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37* 31.5ft (11.3*9.6 m)


14.8ft. ( 4.5m)


1162.5sq.ft ( 108SQM)

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From the design drawings, you can clearly see the amusement equipment such as ball pools, various shapes of obstacles, wave balls, and tunnels. The exterior of the product is also decorated with cartoon rabbit cards and bee decorations. The entrance of the product is in the middle of the product. The top of the product uses a grid cloth fence to increase the safety of the product.

There are three main advantages of this product. The overall advantage is that it can meet the different needs of different children of different ages, making the product design more reasonable and space utilization more efficient. The second point is that there is a slide. The full sliding distance allows children to fully experience the fun of sliding, which is more exciting and interesting. The third point is the large space ball pool, enough children can participate in team games, experience team competition and team cooperation.

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