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Daycare Kids Indoor Space Theme Playground with Big Balls Pool

The indoor playground can exercise children’s physical development, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and flexibility. The soft structure and game equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact of children falling or jumping.

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75.5*59ft (23*18m)


19.7 ft. (6m)


4456sq.ft (414SQM)

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This playground is big, fun and functional. The design area exceeds 400 SQM. There are four floors and the highest height is 6m. Also is composed of a balls pool area and a ninja playground.

As for this ninja playground, the main colors we used is dark purple, silver and black with various soft obstacles inside: rainbow net with truss structure, some EPP blocks, big ball pool, spider tower, big slide, etc. Taking space as the theme, spaceships and rockets are the carrier elements, and other game equipment is used to allow children to perceive the environment through play. In STEM science, astronomy and space science are also very important parts. It can inspire children to understand the world we live in and think about the future. It also attracts many people to try to solve its puzzles. There are many celebrities with space dreams. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is an out-and-out space fan. Like the protagonists in the Big Bang Theory, he has been obsessed with “Star Trek” since childhood and dreamed of space travel. In 2000, he invested and established Blue Origin, a manned space company. Elon Musk, the head of Tesla, is also the co-founder of the world-famous online payment system Paypal. He has been fascinated by outer space exploration since he was a child and founded Space-X, a private space launch company in 2002.


Is there such a little space fan in your family?

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