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Commercial elevated sport ninja course diy with foam pit for gym park

Elevated Ninja course, as its name, is higher than normal standard ninja warrior course. The truss structure is elevated. So it’s much more challenging while participants go through it. Based on it higher truss structure, it basically should be equipped with airbag below different obstacles. By this way we could make sure the whole course is challenging for players but safe at the same time. Generally we will put airbag, ball pit or foam pit below the ninja obstacles.

Additional information

Model No.



65.7*23.6 ft (20*7.2 m)


13.2 ft. (4.5 m)


1550.52 sq.ft (144 SQM)

User Capacity



This elevated ninja course was designed for our Russia client, and she wants to make elevated ninja course with timer for her gym park.

As for this ninja warrior, the main colors we used is pink and black with various interested indoor obstacles course such cargo net with foams, sea of swings, horizontal net, jungle swing, cheese door and etc. As for those ninja obstacles, it can challenge and improve players’ strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance.

Also, as you can see from our design, custom logo printing is available. Except this, we can also make a custom design for you as per your site area, targeted main players’ age group and etc.


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