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New Indoor Daycare Playground in Singapore

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We are glad to announce that our indoor daycare playground in Singapore has been successfully launched with the joint efforts of our client. It is a jungle-themed indoor playground with a size of 105sqm. The green and yellow color scheme makes players feel like they are in a jungle.

Facing the entrance of the indoor daycare playground is the cashier area, where the staff will be responsible for selling, checking, and consulting the tickets for the playground. When you enter the indoor daycare playground, you will first see the mini-mart. This is a play area that consists of shelves, models of fruits and products, and mini shopping carts. Players can imagine that they are shopping in the supermarket, pushing the shopping cart, selecting the products on the shelves, and planning the list of items to buy. Or they can pretend to be a supermarket operator, organizing the goods on the shelves and helping the buyers to take the goods they want to buy. This area is great for developing children’s imagination and creativity.

The centerpiece of the venue is the Indoor Playground With Ball Pool, whose frame is wrapped in green soft bags and decorated with foliage, providing a safe and fun space for little adventurers to explore. The indoor playground area includes a Slide, ball pit, cable bridge, rainbow ramp, crawl tube, hanging bags, mini volcano, trampoline, web bridge, climbing wall, and other soft obstacles. Various obstacles have been skillfully arranged by our designers in every corner so that little adventurers can freely indulge their boundless energy. In addition, we also designed animal decorative panels such as raccoon, fox, and deer to add cute and vivid colors to the whole space.

Ready to start an adventure in your customized indoor playground? Contact us at Topkidsplay! Let’s create a vibrant, safe, and engaging play area that captures the imagination of every child. Whether you’re considering a jungle adventure or a different theme, our team is dedicated to bringing your imagination to life with creativity and expertise. Reach out now to begin the journey of transforming your space into a magical world of play and learning. Let’s make playtime an unforgettable experience!

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