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Indoor Play Items in Ivory Coast

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Location: Ivory Coast

Size of Equipment Area: 15.9 x 5.6 meters

Theme: Classic Jungle Theme with Lion, Hippo, and Palm Leaf Decorations

Topkidsplay team completed Indoor Play Items in Ivory Coast, this Indoor Play Items feature a jungle theme with Lion, Hippo, and Palm Leaf Decorations. Kids can experience a thrilling jungle adventure. 

Left Side: Ninja Warrior Course Equipment and Climbing Wall

The thrilling outdoor Ninja Obstacle and Climbing Wall is the ideal place for adventure for children seeking excitement and challenge.

Middle Area: Indoor Play Structure

At the heart of the playground is a fun and energetic play structure that offers a range of attractive activities for children. From exciting slides to ball pits, rainbow ramps, spiky balls, and more. Cross the woven net platforms with bole, and overcome the net bridges, and hanging pockets as you make your way through this jungle-themed wonderland.

Right Side: Soft Play Area for Toddlers

The soft play area on the right has been designed with the safety of the youngest visitors in mind, providing a safe environment for toddlers to play and explore. With soft obstacles and interactive elements, it’s the perfect space for little ones to begin their journey through the jungle.

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