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Topkidsplay brings Jungle-Themed Hotel Playground to Russia

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We are very pleased to show you our latest achievement – a jungle-themed hotel playground in Russia, a compact and cleverly designed space that adds to the ambiance of the hotel.

The color palette of greenery creates a jungle atmosphere. Natural elements include monkeys, bears, giraffes, lions, quaint tree houses, mushrooms, vines, and palm leaves. The hotel playground boasts a range of attractions including rainbow ramps, slides, hanging bags, snow pyramids, Steps by Steps, triangular mountains, a ball pit, and a variety of soft obstacles.

Despite its size, every inch of the playground has been carefully utilized to ensure an engaging experience for young guests and to increase the attractiveness of the hotel. Families and young adventurers find a delightful retreat within the hotel, making it a much-desired destination.


Topkidsplay prides itself on being more than just a hotel playground, it’s an experience. The Russian Jungle-themed hotel playground is proof of our strong commitment to creative design, efficient use of space, and the ability to create spaces that excite visitors of all ages.

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