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New Trampoline Park Project in Dubai

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A new 130 SQM indoor trampoline park is going to open in Dubai’s location avenue mall in the following month.

Slam dunk hoops and a foam pit will be available in this indoor trampoline park, which is ideal for children of all ages.

With Jump Beats, dodgeball competitions throughout will entice and offer Jump exercise programs for all levels of fitness that will cater to teens, toddlers, and busy moms.

The location will also be appropriate for parties and trips, as well as corporate events like brainstorming sessions and office mixers.

Dunk Zone

It’s not necessary to be tall to dunk! Jump on a trampoline that can propel you high into the air to show off your dunking skills at the Jump Dunk Zone, and you’ll feel like an NBA pro. Everyone may join in the fun at this location, which is ideal for birthday parties, group and business events, and field trips.

Freestyle Jumping

Freestyle is all about from head to toe expressing yourself through different movements. At Topkidsplay, we’ll surely show you how you can level up your Freestyle moves in a controlled and safe environment. We offer huge venues that are considered the perfect playground to nourish & develop plus practice your skills. Either you’re trying to first flip or pro into the Big bag or in the learning of process how to run The Wall, offering an ultimate venue to get a taste of Freestyle!

Topkidsplay Success Compel Our Dubai’s Client to Choose Us

Topkidsplay is a major China-based designer and manufacturer of commercial indoor trampoline parks, providing a one-stop solution at affordable pricing. This park in Dubai is our first indoor trampoline park project for a client in Dubai, and it is a fully bespoke design.

Besides Dubai, we have established indoor trampoline projects in 40 plus different countries like California, Indonesia, etc. Furthermore, we are passionate about providing genuine value to our clients.

Are you one of those who wants to twist and fly high in an airbag area? Topkidsplay Trampoline Park is the perfect place to make lifelong memories while having a safe and thrilling journey. We are committed to providing long-lasting indoor trampoline experiences, and we encourage jumpers of all ages to join and demonstrate genuine enthusiasm. It’s time to experience the true pleasure of indoor jumping and bouncing with Topkidsplay indoor playground and trampoline park’s full adrenaline package.

Leave your monotonous living behind and spend some time at Funvilla with your friends, family, and coworkers in a safe and welcoming setting.

Please approach us if you want to build your own indoor trampoline park; we would surely be delighted to help you.

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