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Ninja tag in Taiwan,China

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NINJA TAG is a creative blend of physical obstacles and challenges with immersive activities that make up the multilevel, multi-zoned TAG Arenas. 

This ninja tag adrenaline park equipment is from Taiwan,China. The client loves the tag active new concept very much. It promotes fitness, fun and competition. Players need to wear electronic bands provide gamification and competitive metrics. The arena itself contains a complex structure of interconnected activity areas. Each challenge requires a mixture of physical and mental agility. 

Hidden throughout the arena activities are a large number of illuminated TAG’s. The TAG’s are controlled via a central computer and glow in different colours corresponding to a pre-determined points system. Points are collected by players using a sensor worn as a wristband. When a wristband is located onto a TAG’s light source, a point’s value is allocated to the specific player’s wristband. 

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