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Trampoline Park in Brazil

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Trampoline park is suitable for various age groups from kids to adults. Trampoline park offers more than just an activity. Trampoline park offers social, educational, and health benefits, as well as skill development and other benefits that kids doesn’t even realize they get when they jump. Playground is everywhere but kids and parents want to try something different. So that’s the reason our client in Brazil began this project. It is the first trampoline park in the city and becomes the big surprise.

It is not an easy job to create the design together with our clients. Client wants to make full use of the area and integrates into many games as possible. Then finally comes out the design with dodgeballs, open jump, foam pit with climbing wall, kids jump, high performance, basketball slam dunk. Our engineer went to Brazil for installation with a high praise. It was our fastest distance until now.

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